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261RE: [ona-prac] ONA for change management: locating opinion leaders

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  • Paul S Prueitt
    Jul 6 2:24 PM
      I want to step in here with some discussion about the nature of measuring the social discourse.  I designed the core part of a major measurement system directed at understanding a part of the emergence of new thought structure.. (this was for the "New War")... but the deep purpose of my work is in creating what I call the Glass Bead Game, as some of you here know.
      During this time I wrote a position paper on the issues related to measurement not by poling, but by web harvesting of web logs and other materials and creating topic map/ontology temporally ordered.
      My position paper may lead to some discussion here..... I am pleased if it would....
      but do not want to take the themes off of point.
      please excuse the interuption if my note is seen as such
      Paul S Prueitt
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      I appreciate the value of questions that probe “discussion partners.”  What about the leaders with whom we don’t have direct contact, but whose points of view carry a lot of weight in the organization…..are you also trying to identify them??  These folks may or may not be in formal positions of authority—and when they are, they may be “unattainable” for purposes of dialogue due to their social/organizational distance.

      Thus, if this fits within your survey objectives, you might want to include a question like, “Name the top 5 people in your [organization/line of business/bureau/whatever limitation] who can announce a change, and you know with certainty that it will take place.”



      Karen T. Danis, CKM/CKEE

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      Subject: [ona-prac] ONA for change management: locating opinion leaders


      Has anyone developed good questions and techniques for locating the
      opinion leaders in a large organization? This might be precursor to an
      organizational network analysis; the primary goal at this point is to
      do a broad-brush survey of say, 3,000 people asking them to name the
      people they most rely on for understanding changes in the organization.

      Has anyone done this kind of survey, and with what results? What
      questions. I assume questions on the order of:

      **List the names of up to five people you go to when you want to make
      sense of changes in the organization.

      **List the names of those you trust in the organization to be frank in
      discussing organizational issues

      Any other ideas? Practical experience in administering a survey like
      this and managing the results, especially thoughts about the validity
      of the responses?



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