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259RE: [ona-prac] ONA for change management: locating opinion leaders

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  • G & K Danis
    Jul 6, 2006

      I appreciate the value of questions that probe “discussion partners.”  What about the leaders with whom we don’t have direct contact, but whose points of view carry a lot of weight in the organization…..are you also trying to identify them??  These folks may or may not be in formal positions of authority—and when they are, they may be “unattainable” for purposes of dialogue due to their social/organizational distance.


      Thus, if this fits within your survey objectives, you might want to include a question like, “Name the top 5 people in your [organization/line of business/bureau/whatever limitation] who can announce a change, and you know with certainty that it will take place.”





      Karen T. Danis, CKM/CKEE


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