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Re: [on3] TCS WOW-Sound videos

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  • Laurie McLean
    G Day George, The WOWSound decoder I had was a Beta testing version without the full compliment of sounds / lights etc. Yes, it is my understanding that the
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      G'Day George,

      The WOWSound decoder I had was a Beta testing version without the full compliment of sounds / lights etc.

      Yes, it is my understanding that the whistles can be manual or auto. JMRI+Decoder Pro will be available soon with the WOW Sound.

      In the video the sound disappeared due to my error - I had only 4 hours to learn and take 2 videos before sending the decoder to Gerry Hopkins who did the track tests.
      If you look and listen to Gerry's video you can hear the up and down grade sounds.
      Note in his video the changing tone of the chuffs - he points this out - this is a welcome addition to sounds rather than the same repeated chuff.

      As for the chuff and driver syncronisation - the clever Back-EMF does the sync however TCS do have a decoder which comes with a tan sound cam wire.

      You get to choose which decoder suits your needs regarding the leads / harness etc - they all come with Heavy / Medium and Light steam sounds in all decoders and you choose what you desire.

      You also get 6 lighting functions, about 20 different whistles and several different bells to choose from - more will become available as TCS get more recordings.

      I am very impressed with these new decoders and have several ordered which will be the full-versions.

      My PSC MMI K-36 has a new 34mm high bass speaker in the boiler and a working bell and fireman plus lots of SMD LED lighting - now I'm just waiting on the WOW to arrive to be installed and I will take a video of her running.



      From: Masonbogie <masonbogie@...>
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      Sent: Monday, 3 June 2013 1:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [on3] TCS WOW-Sound videos

      A few questions:
      Is it possible to start the loco without the automatic whistling? 
      When you shut down the throttle in your videos, sound seemed to disappear altogether, not just drifting as in videos, why? Does drifting only occur if you shut down the throttle completely? I have long downgrades which still require throttle, but on which the sound should still be just drifting; is that possible?
      I assume the timing of chuff is all automatic in these samples, is there an option? Is the auto feature strictly voltage dependent?

      George Sebastian-Coleman
      11 Taine Mountain Road
      Unionville CT 06085

      On Jun 1, 2013, at 11:07 PM, Laurie McLean MMR wrote:

      G'Day All,

      FYI -

      I was fortunate to be involved with the Beta testing of a new TCS WOW-Sound steam decoder which I understand will be available the end of this coming week.

      Here are some videos to listen to and watch.

      Gerry Hopkins MMR WOW-Sound video – (2 different locomotives)

      Laurie McLean MMR WOW-Sound videos – (Speaker testing with the decoder)
      WOW-Sound 1

      WOW-Sound II

      My friend Gerry Hopkins got the decoder after I di the Sound Sample videos and the decoder has been returned to TCS.

      I love the long whistle choices, the clear crisp sound quality and the Back-EMF and Keep-Alive (KA) these new decoder have.
      You just have to hear the sound quality for yourself as the computer speakers don't do justice to the sounds - excellent decoder !

      Laurie McLean MMR
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