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Re: [on3] wherefor art thou??

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  • rscott
    Good Morning Glenn, Come on by! However, the Homeowner s Association takes a dim view of vagabonds camping in the front yard, so we ll have to move you into
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 1, 2011
      Good Morning Glenn,

      Come on by!

      However, the Homeowner's Association takes a dim view of vagabonds camping in the front yard, so we'll have to move you into the back.What else would you expect from a bunch of Orange County brown-shirt types?

      I'm sorry I can't make it to the 2011 convention; travel times to the east coast do not gel well with my school schedule. So 2012 and 2013 are already on my calendar.

      And if that JD guy is coming over . . . be sure to hide your wife and daughters.

      The turnout is magnificent. Now if I could just get the rest of the layout up to that standard . . .

      Randy Scott
      On3 in Orange, CA

      On Feb 28, 2011, at 9:35 PM, Glenn Farley wrote:


      Hey Randy,


         I maybe camping on your doorstep in 2013.  Some of my buds just visited you during the Sn3 Symposium last week and were quite impressed.  They were particularly enamored with a certain 3 way turnout ;-).






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      Just another long list to tempt us into visiting during the convention.


      I for one, plan on camping out on your doorstep.


      Looking forward to seeing everything in Seattle in 2012,


      Randy Scott

      On3 in Orange , CA



      On Feb 27, 2011, at 7:16 PM, Glenn Farley wrote:





           Just because folks ain’t writing on the list, doesn’t mean nothin’s going on.  I for one keep pushing to get my layout into presentable condition for the 2012 NNGC in Seattle .

      11 stall Gunnison roundhouse is finished, lighted and complete along with the scratchbuilt turntable, ashpit  and  water tower.  Yard is now installed and operational and about to be ballasted.  Coaling tower is well underway...plans are in the works for scratchbuilding the Gunnison car shop full size and adding the yard cattle pens.  I will finish the east end of the layout first, before expanding to the west through the Black Canyon to Cimarron . I also just finished converting all but three cars to SJ Evolution couplers. The last three are waiting only because I ran out of brown couplers. They’re on order. 39 cars and 3 lokies are converted.   Kodama K-27 461 is about to go into the paint shop and it’s Tsunami and speaker is purchased ready to install.  Oh yeah, then there’s the WSLC #12 to build along with Lee’s new drive system (already purchased.)  I’m building some WSLC equipment to run on my friend Ken Larson’s layout as I can’t resist a locomotive kit.  Have soldering tools, will build. On3 is alive and well.


      Glenn Farley   


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      Subject: [on3] wherefor art thou??



      Hi, to what is apparently a small amount of list members, who are
      "active" these days.

      Is is because of a lack of new items to discuss??

      Is it because no one is bashing locos any more??

      Is it because most of us are now "older"??? (just hit 74 myself!)

      Or, has the vast improvements in RTR, (factory paint jobs, sound
      equipped, run good) engines have solved most of the problems??
      Or, as I suspect, removed the desire to make something that's not
      offered, or to "bash" up the engine you like, but cannot find?

      Welcome, Laurie, with your motion and lighting projects! More
      wattage to you!

      Well, I for one, do like to customize or re-design locos, make
      better drives, and such. Yeah, the customer base has shrunk like a
      pumpkin in on the porch steps, but it's still fun.
      But, I need kits and "basket cases" to supply parts,
      superstructures, chassis, (I am sorry you retired, John P. you made
      fantastic drivers and domes!),
      so my plea is, if you have On3 Shay or O ga. Shay kits by Sunset
      Models, or rod engine kits by Sunset Models, how about digging them
      out, and either building them, or selling them to me?? Basket Case
      engines by PFM, Sunset, Overland , Balboa, and the like are always
      useful. (in my case, 1:48 scale only!)

      Best, to all!

      leesnover@... (my address will change in about a week or less,
      changing net providers). reply now.



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