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Sunset C-16 #278

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  • Lee Snover
    Drive problems: The Sunset #278 has a gear reduction gearbox on the front of the motor, and a die cast 27:1 idler gearbox n the #2 axle. #1. the small spur
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Drive problems: The Sunset #278 has a gear reduction gearbox on the
      front of the motor, and a die cast 27:1 idler gearbox n the #2 axle.

      #1. the small spur gear on the motor shaft was split.
      Solution: send to NWSL for a new gear.
      #2. The idler gear in the axle gearbox (27:1 ratio) is split.
      Solution: send to NWSL for a new gear.
      or, if you want to replace the motor and eliminate the 1.25:1 reduction
      gears and box, obtain a KTM 28:1 idler gearbox
      (as long as the original axle gear is good!) and very gently file-fit
      the KTM gearbox on the driver axle, as the axle gear (Nylon) on the
      #278's axle is the same pitch/dia. as the stock KTM axle gear (brass)
      and now the taller KTM gearbox will line up with one of the NWSl or
      some Canon motor shafts*.
      *You will need to make a new motor mount, of course. I chopped down
      the original front part of the Sunset motor mount/gearbox and soldered
      on a lower, flat plate and silicone rubber mounted the new motor to the


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      15 Adams Street
      Belvidere, NJ 07823
      website!: http://users.nac.net/leesnover

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      "Extended" coupler pocket tops for Kadee On3 or "O" couplers, for use
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      Pilot Steps, 1:48, as used on GE endcabs, boxcabs, lost wax brass,
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      RTR. (for pix, see the LT Website, on the MACK railtruck.
      Please!: specify all insulated or one side insulated wheels...
      Grandt Line electrical pickup/wiper installed on one side.(wheels on
      other side are grounded to truck frame)

      Parts: 1/4" scale:
      LeeTown: Small cast brass: leaf spring with journal casting, for
      bearing rear axle on a railbus. 2 for $3.75. fits 3/32" dia.
      Used on some LeeTown railbus chassis kits.

      15:1 GEARBOX for 2mm axle. Die cast,w/ worm shaft bearings VERY SMALL
      SIZE! $16.79 ea.
      Micro Mo 2020 motor/reducer unit, 20mm x 20mm +shaft (2mm dia)
      with 59:1 reduction. $64.50 ea. Uses: Kemtron and PSC On3 Shays,
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      #30SPLTW: Wheelset, 24" Baldwin Spoked center, (two wheels, installed
      on On30  3/32" dia. axle: $15.00 per wheelset.
      Installed in YOUR BLI C-16 Lead truck: $18.95
      #36SPLTW: On3 24" dia. Baldwin spoked lead truck wheelset, 3/32" dia.
      axle. $15.00
      Following On3 C&S Misc.: Overland
      C&S #9 Running 2-6-0 chassis, w/ motor, stock pilot & snowplow pilot
      (single crew coversion!) $425.00
      Cab (2 sides, roof, rear wall, no front wall) for #8,12, 21. w/
      windows, roof hatch, working rear doors. $52.50
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