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Re: 14th Annual KCNG Narrow Gauge Meet

This is a reminder of the upcoming Kansas City Narrow Gauge Meet. Additional information on the planned clinics and layouts has been added. Also, a correction
Larry Alfred
12:08 PM

Re: PSC On3 B-7 For Sale

Bill asking $400 including shipping to you.
May 25

Re: PSC On3 B-7 For Sale [1 Attachment]

jerry whats the price BILL R, ... From: jerry474@... [on3] To: on3 Sent: Tue, May 23, 2017 10:01 am
William Reese
May 23

Need photo of LeeTown C&NW#2 Climax, On3

Hi Gang, I need a photo of a RTR LeeTown Models On3 C&NW#2 Climax #2, a three trucker.. Mine or a kit built up. anyone?? Best, Lee leetownmodels@... Web
May 23

PSC On3 B-7 For Sale

I have a gold scheme PSC D&RGW B-7. Contact me for details
May 23
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Slim Gauge Guild June Open House

Hi All, The Slim Gauge Guild is having their June Open House on Sunday, June 4th from 10am to 6pm. Address is 300 south Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. Best parking
Hal Gorss
May 22

Re: For Sale PSC Brass Silverton Combine

Combine has sold, just pending payment. Thanks. William aka drgwk37 ________________________________ From: on3@yahoogroups.com on behalf
William Reed
May 22

Re: railcar sound

I have yet to do so, but I'm planning on installing a Tsu2 in a Bachmann railcar. Soundtraxx tells me that their "Baldwin & Other Diesels" has a Goose engine
Mike Conder
May 22

For Sale PSC Brass Silverton Combine

Gang I have a brass PSC Silverton Combine for sale. It is painted yellow with 2 stripes. If you have interest please contact me off-list for the details.
William Reed
May 22

Slim Gauge Guild Open House June 4th + 6th

The Slim Gauge Guild Model RR Club would like to invite you to their open house Sunday June 4th from 10am to 6pm and Tuesday June 6th from 6pm to 10pm. The
May 21

FS : Accucraft Rio Grande Cat diesel #50

Hey Guys , I did decide on Sn3 ; I bought what might have been the last new On3 RG #50 and didn't even reach the point of buying track so it's as received . I
May 21

Re: railcar sound

Hi George, I have installed a Goose Tsunami decoder in a little rail truck and it sounds fine. Horn, bell, combustion engine and even gear shifts. I haven't
Doug Ramos
May 21

Re: railcar sound

Hi George, Somewhere along the line, I picked up a SoundTraxx DSX RGS Galloping Goose decoder.Yep, that’s right…a pre-Tsunami version. I’d be happy to
Randy Scott
May 21

Re: railcar sound

Uh, that should be Kato, not Katie. Katie is my granddaughter. Duh!George From: "georgekonradmmr@... [on3]" To:
George Konrad
May 20

railcar sound

Hello all, Has anyone installed a railcar or goose sound decoder in an On3 IC type of vehicle? I have converted an HO Katie/Atlas RS3, per Gordon North's
May 20
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