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  • jdmckee1
    Apr 10, 2014

      Well I went up to Randy's today and started in on painting the 3 Grandt Line DBG's I've had sitting up there for awhile. I have a nice mobile spray booth at home, but I use a big Porter Cable industrial compressor for the air supply and its loud when it kicks in. Randy has a real nice and quiet Iwata, muuuuch better.

      I haven't painted one of these for awhile, and forgot that it takes a bit longer than most cars, because you have to paint the interior first. If you do it the other way around, you risk getting the brownish wood interior color on the outside boards. So I messed around with some mud, tan and raw umber colors until I got the color the way I wanted. I only do about the first 2-2.5 boards down from the top anyway since the rest of the car will be hidden by a load.

      I had first stopped off at a Hobby Lobby, we have  a giant new one close by. Unfortunately they did not have the Delta acrylic Maroon paint that I used on the other cars. I found a Maroon by another maker and grabbed that, along with some other colors. Five bottles for $5.50, cant beat the price. I mixed my usual faded D&RG using about 60% Maroon and 40% Old Parchment. This will give you a color that is too pink, so add Autumn Brown until you get a color more to your liking. It is hard to describe but it comes out looking like the sun faded D&RG red. Anyway I shot one of the cars, and it looks semi OK to me, maybe a bit too pinkish although I have seen many cars this color. I may play around with it and give it a VERY light black wash to darken it a bit and see how it comes out. You cant really screw it up, we are dealing with acrylics and water. So play around and have fun! AND its a shade off from my other cars, but that's a good thing in that I don't want them all looking the same.

      I now have a lot of different reddish colors and in the morning I may experiment around trying to find that "perfect" faded out boxcar red look. I like the look I have on my cars so far, but who knows, maybe there's a better shade still to be found. JD.

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