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58441Re: [on3] Whistles question ?

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  • Laurie McLean
    Apr 10, 2014
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      G'Day Gavin,

      You need to ensure you get a WOW Version 3 which has the 40 whistles to choose from. And you will be very pleasently surprised to discover there are over 20 steam chuff sound tones. You can hear the chuffs tones change as a loco works harder and the whole idea behind the WOW is to actually "drive your loco" and use the throttle.
      When winding back the throttle with a loco on a down-grade if you turn the throttle completely to the off position you will only get rod clank but leave just a bit of throttle on and you get the snifter valves and subtle steam sounds - it really is a decoder to listen and drive.

      Then there are 15 bells to choose from, and 5 or so brake sounds, various air pumps to select and so much more.

      The indexed CV's at first were something new to understand however TCS put a program guide tool up on their website which is very easy to follow. The 4 x CV which are indexed provide so much more capabilities and the on-board micro SD card holds all the sounds with room for many more.

      I'll be giving a clinic on the WOW's and the various speakers (ting portable media device types) in September at the NMRA Convention and I'm also the clinic co-ordinator - hope you and the others can attend.

      Laurie McLean MMR #417  
      NMRA AP Asst; Mgr Div.1 Queensland, Australia 
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      On Thursday, 10 April 2014 10:41 PM, "hinceg@..." <hinceg@...> wrote:

      Hey thanks Laurie, I think I might experiment with a WOW to learn some more. Like you, I'm running EasyDCC and love the idea of a playable whistle. Cheers mate…Gavin (Melbourne)

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