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  • Clint Watkins
    Apr 10, 2014
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      Hi John , 
                   I will explain and hope this helps. I sell to Canada , Australia, and Europe all the Time , no prejudice or bigotry here. Best Customers are in those Countries. 
                   Products made in the the 70's / 80's / 90's gets harder & harder to Find and as said if an Item is sold , then that makes it harder to find one here in the U. S. That is all. So the availability is becoming Nonexistent . 
                      In 1986 I worked for  Bib Stillwell  who was a Race Car Driver in the 50's & 60's and Won several races in Australia  He owned the( BMW- Saab- Alfa Romeo- Maserati ) Dealership in Tucson AZ. He had a ranch there and I was able to see his pair of 1955 Jaguar D- Type vintage race cars that he still raced at Vintage Auto Race's . That was a great moment, Beautiful autos . 
               The Family has dealerships in Australia still, I also worked for Mercedes Benz for 20 years and had good customers from Europe, India ,Korea and China which I was and I am Friends with also.
                    Just as I have a relative in Australia that has a Bed & Breakfast and Vineyard there . Would love to go , just not affordable. Doctor Bills and Sick Wife , Everyday Life that we all go through 
                     I think you did misunderstand .
          I am  honored  that I get to meet and know people in life from all over the world.
                       I was picking on Americans , even myself for not doing enough in the Hobby to keep it going. As we get older which the Marketing Demographics seem to Follow my age which I will turn 58 this year , there are becoming less of us and the hobby seems to be Days Gone By .
                     There are some awesome posts from great Modelers in Australia and Canada and I have met them at the Narrow Guage Convention , they have done extreme work on models that I will not achieve as Time keeps going. 

                I am in the Coffee Business and one of my Great Friends is From Costa Rica which I have been there and stayed in his Home and had the best time of my life there. The people and Culture in Costa Rica are awesome , I would move there if I could 

      Thanks for reminding me of all the great people I was able to meet and some of the things I was able to see and do. 

           Have a Great Day John , hope this helps 

      Thanks and have a Great Day,
      Clint Watkins
      Email: acw345@...
      PH: 480-273-1803
      Phoenix, AZ.

      On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 8:33 PM, <jdroste@...> wrote:

      Clint Watkins,
      Would you mind going further to explain why it is not :Good Business Practices" for an American Manufacturer to export overseas when the overseas buyer is prepared to pay more for the product than any American buyer.
       How is it that "You" lose? End of story!
      Clint Watkins,
      It just comes across as smelling like prejudice and bigotry! Is that the fearful state of mind that you exist in, or have I misunderstood you?
      I say, be honored that non Americans show an interest in American culture, products, history and what it has to offer!
      Would you mind explaining, on behalf of myself and the rest of the world, that are in this group?
      John Droste

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