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58435Re: [on3] Re: FROM THE MODERATOR: Good business practices

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  • jdmckee1
    Apr 9, 2014
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      I remember when I first started driving for UPS, you made deliveries all morning but at 2pm you had a set list of business' that you picked up from. This is when I first learned about "shipping and handling". I don't know why, probably because up until then I had not bought anything unless it was from a store, but I learned that every business added the shipping and handling in addition to the cost of the item.

      Now it seems so obvious but I can remember asking a guy "you add on the price of the box, peanuts, the actual labor to pack it AND shipping?" And I have seen many instances where some people selling items on Ebay etc really jack up the shipping charges, way over what they are listed as. For the last several years I have shipped via the USPS, simply because the rates are so low. Granted, you are saving on the shipping but your taxes are higher to cover the losses the Post Office is taking, so choose your poison. If you feel a guy is jerking you around on the shipping charges, its easy enough to verify. UPS, FedEx and the USPS all publish their rate charts. JD.

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