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58430Re: [on3] Re: FROM THE MODERATOR: Good business practices

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  • mrbungalow01
    Apr 9, 2014

      JD & Others

      When it comes to EBay, the buyer has most of the Buying power, EBay will side with the "Buyer" over the "Seller" 99.9% of the time, even if it says no returns, it's the Sellers responsibility to make sure the description is correct. It's the hardest thing trying to decide if it's worth the hassle, and most of the time it's a one time deal and you'll never deal with that person again. Service is everything but most people don't even think about it, it's always price driven! Your allured by the price and availability .

      But don't be afraid or lazy to fight a bad deal!

      Now with that being said: I have a pet peeve, it's great that fellow members can buy and sell on this site, but it get's a little tiring that every day there's something for sale

      I just delete the emails, but It's nice to see conversations about On3 trains, or J.D.'s drop bottom gons, nice paint and weathering! How can we keep it to a minimum ? I say there should be a file section with for sale items, or only on Mondays is there a garage sale day

      Anyone else agree?

      thanks for listening

      Gil Flores

      Star Idaho

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