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58428Re: [on3] Re: FROM THE MODERATOR: Good business practices

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  • john.droste56
    Apr 9, 2014
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      I absolutely hate the ******* who sell you an item and then top it off with exorbitant shipping and handling fees unexpectedly. I spent a good deal of money with one kit supplier before realizing he was double dipping. And, very hard to contact when you want to discuss the issue.
       Another shituation that I will not forget is with the purchase of a Tom Yorke kit. Never received the kit or dispatch details or any kind of reply to my inquiries afterwards.
       I was planning on doing a Frijole flats type setting.but my first experience with the dealer finished that altogether. 
      In general however, I have done my utmost in restimulating the American economy and recipients of my hard earned money have been gracious. It is easy to choose where not to offer my funds for goods or services but my problem is choosing from all the wonderful products available, where to spend what I can.
      John Droste

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      FWIW, overall even with the internet the hobby is a relatively small community and word gets around about dishonest members.

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