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58418Re: [on3] FROM THE MODERATOR: Good business practices

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  • George Konrad
    Apr 8, 2014
         Many thanks for the good advice, and for your service as moderator of this group. I do buy and sell from this group from time to time, and can say that so far I have had the blessings of dealing with gentlemen, true to their word. But, your points are well taken, and should serve as a guide to us all. In fact, I am going to print them out, so I can review from time to time!
      George Konrad
      From: Darryl Huffman <darrylhuffman@...>
      To: "on3@yahoogroups.com" <on3@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 10:23 AM
      Subject: [on3] FROM THE MODERATOR: Good business practices

      Every once in a while I am reminded of the need for all group members to follow some common sense in buying and selling through the internet.

      Apparently it is time for another reminder thanks to an email from a group member who has been "stung".

      Our group members are always free to sell personal items and also we can post our wants to the group.

      Overall our group has had a remarkably good track record of buying and selling without the usual problems we would expect in dealing with strangers.

      But we still need to use common sense in our dealings with others.

      I like to think this is  not because some of us are crooks- - - - - but rather because we are all imperfect- -  -and getting old.

      Our memories are not quite as clear as they used to be.

      Our income is not quite as steady as it used to be.

      And sometimes we can just put a little too much trust in the person at the other end of the transaction.

      When you buy or sell something of real value, please make sure that the arrangements for payment are clearly expressed and reasonable.

      I highly recommend not accepting partial payments with the balance due later.

      Today we have credit cards and Paypal available to make quick and complete payments for items.  This also provides a record of payment.

      We also are able to track shipments through the post office with nominal fees to insure a record of delivery.

      I personally always use the post office as I know the Post Master will usually pursue cases that are clearly documented.

      So please use common sense and don't put full and complete trust in people just because they are part of this group.

      And, this is very important, if you ever do have a problem please let me know about it OFF LIST.

      I can't do anything to make a transaction good, but if a person is a repeat offender I can remove him from the list and from all the other lists that I moderate.

      As almost all the moderators of the other model railroading groups are personal friends of mine, I can usually get him banned from those groups as well.

      This won't help you get your money back or your brass locomotive back, but it will help protect our other group members from a jerk.

       Darryl Huffman 
      451 N Evelyn Way
      Star, ID 83669

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