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  • dl8le
    ... Hi Bill, a good time would be 05.00 UTC on Saturday this week (with 7 hours difference to UTC at your location it would be 22.00 local time on Friday
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
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      Hi Bill,

      a good time would be 05.00 UTC on Saturday this week (with 7 hours
      difference to UTC at your location it would be 22.00 local time on
      Friday evening but I am not sure if that assumption is correct) to
      benefit from the sunrise peak in Germany at the end. If we are not
      successful on Saturday I suggest to repeat the test on 05.00 UTC on
      Sunday. Frequency should be 1838 khz + 500 Hz (USB), starting with
      PSK31 for 15 min, then continue in DominoEx4 and then in Olivia (15
      min each).

      I will use Multipsk for all three modes, i.e. if you would use
      Multipsk as well, then I suggest the following schedule:

      Start in PSKAM10 which is excellent for very weak signals (min. S/N -
      19.5 db) at 05.00 UTC, then try PSK31 starting at 05.15 UTC, then
      DominoEx4 at 05.30 UTC and after this Olivia at 05.45 UTC.

      With many trees removed which have been close to the antenna last
      year it should work out a little bit better. The general landscape
      (hilly, some woods close by, only modest ground), however, is still
      the same ...

      Please confirm one of the two alternatives if you could be available.
      If so we have to agree who should start at 05.00, 05.15, 05.30 and
      05.45 UTC. The station starting at those defined times should
      transmit for one minute, then listen for one minute, then
      transmitting again for one minute etc. until the mode change after 15
      minutes. If we have a successfull qso, i.e. if we can copy each
      other, we can determine what to do next during the qso.

      This is much more difficult than a qso in CW, of course, but the
      human ears require less S/N if you read through Patrick's help file
      with info about the different modes.

      I will also be available in the www.on4kst.com lowband chat during
      our test.

      73 and see you during the weekend!

      Juergen, DL8LE

      P.S.: Everybody else is of course invited to listen or to

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      > Hi Juergen,
      > I am always available to try a schedule with you. You tell me
      when, what frequency etc. and I will attempt to be there. I have re-
      made all of my antennas, transxmitting and installed new RX antennas
      for 160 meters. I can run most of the digital modes such as PSK31,
      PSK63, Olivia, MFSK. I also run Alpha power on all modes if that
      > By the way, DL2OBO visited me yesterday and we exchanged "Eyeball
      QSL's" for our 160 meter qso when he was in HB0 about 2 week ago. My
      sunset today is at 01:06z and my sunrise is at 14:46. My sunset or
      maybe even up to about 06:00 might be ok for a try. Let me know your
      wishes and I will try to meet you. 73 and gl, Bill Dawson W7TVF
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