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ALE On-The-Air Week 13-23 Oct 2006 HF Automatic Link Establishment

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  • expeditionradio
    ALE On-The-Air Week AOTAW 2006 Starts: 0001 UTC Friday 13 OCTOBER (13/10/06) Ends: 1159 UTC Monday 23 OCTOBER (23/10/06) 10 Days of worldwide Amateur Radio
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      ALE On-The-Air Week "AOTAW 2006"
      Starts: 0001 UTC Friday 13 OCTOBER (13/10/06)
      Ends: 1159 UTC Monday 23 OCTOBER (23/10/06)
      10 Days of worldwide Amateur Radio ALE activity...
      More information: http://hflink.com

      HFLINK is sponsoring a new International Amateur Radio event called:
      ALE On The Air Week (AOTAW). All ham radio operators worldwide are
      invited to participate in 10 days of amateur radio HF-ALE Automatic
      Link Establishment and HF Selcall activity. AOTAW is an open operating
      event to explore ALE communications and equipment. The experience
      gained by participation is also useful for HF emergency and disaster
      relief communications.

      There are now many hundreds of hams worldwide with ALE stations.
      The AOTAW gives operators a chance to exercise ALE transceivers,
      antennas, software, systems, and operating procedures.

      ALE Operator Certificate for AOTAW2006
      HFLINK issues a unique ALE Operator Certificate to operators who
      participate in AOTAW. To qualify for an ALE Operator Certificate, the
      operator must initiate and complete at least 5 QSOs through Automatic
      Link Establishment with other ALE operators. The ALE link must then be
      followed by a communication either by voice or texting. Additional
      certificate endorsement is issued by HFLINK for operators who link and
      QSO with 25 ALE stations or more. Logs: see HFLINK.COM website for
      details: http://hflink.com

      About AOTAW
      AOTAW is not a contest. All operators are reminded to be courteous and
      operate within the recognised Amateur Radio ALE channels and

      AOTAW provides a way for more operators to gain valuable practical
      knowledge and expertise in the operation of an Amateur Radio ALE
      station. Amateur operators who use ALE for government and
      non-governmental organisations may be especially interested in
      participation, for this is a chance to explore the various operational
      aspects of ALE that may not be utilised otherwise. The 10 days of
      AOTAW enables operators to participate as they can, for any amount of
      time in the event, and to experience ALE operation under various
      ionospheric propagation conditions. Also, an ALE demonstration Special
      Event HF Station is planned for operation during the ARRL Pacificon
      convention in California USA on 14-15 October.

      HFLINK is an international resource: for radio operators using ALE
      Automatic Link Establishment and Selcall Selective Calling; for the
      development of communications for organisations, Emergency / Relief
      networks; and for the development of ALE operating methods applicable
      to Amateur Radio Service. HFLINK is the Frequency and Address
      Coordination group for Amateur Radio ALE and Selective Calling.

      HFLINK Website: http://hflink.com

      73---Bonnie KQ6XA

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