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Re: Problem with decoding MultiPSK 4.7 Olivia signals

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  • garylinnrobinson
    Just as a follow up on my original post - There was NO confusion as to what configuration of Olivia the station I mentioned and I were using since we had
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2008
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      Just as a follow up on my original post -

      There was NO confusion as to what configuration of Olivia the station
      I mentioned and I were using since we had talked to the same station
      MANY times before AND we QSY'd to PSK31 and confirmed what we were

      And we could recreate the BAD copy each time we HE went back to 4.7.

      I ran a TEST yesterday with a local station - with ME using MultiPSK
      4.7 and the other local using FLDigi - on 2mtrs where we could use
      extremely strong AND weak signals and MultiPSK worked perfectly.

      So ... I am NOT sure what my friends (with the MultiPSK 4.7 problem)
      computer config is BUT I have a 3ghz CPU. Perhaps the memory
      requirements of MultiPSK 4.7 have increased? That would explain why
      my station had no problem sending perfect Olivia with 4.7 - OR as I
      read in another a post - maybe a missing soundcard calibration file -
      that sounds very likely.

      I also know that I have ran into this at least twice before with
      other stations answering my CQ but can't confirm that MultiPSK was
      involved (because at the time I thought I was having a problem). But
      I would bet my last dollar it was MultiPSK 4.7 or something similar
      because when they were NOT decoding correctly they had similar

      I would get 2-3 words decoding properly and then miss a whole bunch
      then another word or 2, miss a bunch and so forth. Almost like QSB
      except there would be NO QSB and sigs were strong.

      So, I think the soundcard calibration file being missing could
      explain everything. I just wanted to get to the bottom of it because
      there are already so many people that dismiss Olivia and I don't want
      to give them any more ammo.

      BTW - I just recently recieved a letter from the A.R.R.L that they
      will be publishing an informational article by me about Olivia in QST
      magazine later this year and I hope that can boost awareness of the
      mode and get some more people interested in it.

      --- In oliviadata@yahoogroups.com, "garylinnrobinson" <grobinson@...>
      > Recently I have talked to several other Olivia stations that had
      > strong signals that decoded very poorly - less than 50% accuracy.
      > didn' make sense since Olivia does such a great job most of the
      > time.
      > I use the HRD DM780 software for Olivia and 2 days ago after
      > a CQ on 30mtrs I got a reply from a station that I could hardly
      > decode - not even enough to get a complete call sign and he was s9+
      > 10db. I went back to the station and said I couldn't copy and that
      > he was copying me to go to PSK31. He did and we copied each other
      > pretty good then and it was a guy I have talked to MANY times
      > on Olivia and he said he had just upgraded from MultiPSK 4.2 to
      > He still had BOTH on the system so he went back to 4.2 and called
      > on Olivia and the decoding was 100% perfect - just like I would
      > expect. I experienced the same with another station with MultiPSK
      > and he switched to DM780 and again we had perfect print.
      > There apparently seems to be a problem between MultiPSK 4.7 and
      > (I'm running latest beta on DM780). I suspect it may be a problem
      > with MultiPSK and perhaps ANY other Olivia software - though maybe
      > NOT with other MultiPSK 4.7 itself.
      > This post was for 3 reasons - informational in case others
      > strong Olivia sigs that don't decode well and to see if anyone
      > like to do some tests on the air IF they have MultiPSK, MixW, DM780
      > or other software with Olivia to see exactly just where the problem
      > lays.
      > And lastly to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing.
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