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2112Re: [olivia] RE: Welcome New Members

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  • Ken Meinken
    Nov 17, 2013
      On Nov 17, 2013, at 1:18 PM, Tomas Hood wrote:

      > Some Olivia users enable the RSID feature of the software in which
      > they use the Olivia mode. Look to see that your software has RSID as
      > a feature for both detecting and announcing the mode that is in use.
      > Then, your software should tell you what mode and settings are being
      > used. Do a Google search for "RSID digital radio" (the three
      > keywords) and you should find some information that explains RSID.
      > Next: Some signals look and sound like Olivia, but are CONTESTIA.
      > CONTESTIA is a branch off of Olivia, and uses only UPPERCASAE letters,
      > making it slightly faster. I prefer Olivia.

      That is good advice. Furthermore, if you don't have RSID, you should be able to tell the signal width on your waterfall (usually 500 or 250).

      Sometimes you can count the bit width on the waterfall (4, 8, or 16).

      Most Olivia is 250/8 500/16, 500/8 and sometimes 500/4. On 14106+/- you will find some 1000 width Olivia but rarely anywhere else.

      Myself, I prefer Contestia since it's faster and upper case only (I don't have to shift). But Olivia is more popular.

      But definitely use RSID if you can.

      Ken WA8JXM
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