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  • Tomas Hood
    Nov 17, 2013
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      Some Olivia users enable the RSID feature of the software in which
      they use the Olivia mode. Look to see that your software has RSID as
      a feature for both detecting and announcing the mode that is in use.
      Then, your software should tell you what mode and settings are being
      used. Do a Google search for "RSID digital radio" (the three
      keywords) and you should find some information that explains RSID.

      Next: Some signals look and sound like Olivia, but are CONTESTIA.
      CONTESTIA is a branch off of Olivia, and uses only UPPERCASAE letters,
      making it slightly faster. I prefer Olivia.

      Make sure that you are in USB.

      Hope this helps... 73 de NW7US

      Tomas David Hood (Amateur Radio, NW7US)

      Contributing editor, Propagation Column:
      CQ Magazine, CQ VHF, Popular Communications

      Space Weather: http://sunspotwatch.com/

      Twitter NW7US : @NW7US ( http://Twitter.com/NW7US )

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