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2098Re: [olivia] Re: Freqs

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  • Mike Miller
    Jul 27, 2013
      Hi Ken,

      You can also run FLDigi RXID in notify mode where it pops up a
      notice that you can click if you choose to QSY and change mode
      or ignore. Which is best depends on what you are doing.

      Mike kc9doa

      On 27 Jul 2013 at 14:38, Ken Meinken wrote:

      > With RXID, fldigi automatically switches to the
      > mode it hears on someone else's transmission and then (by
      > default) turns
      > RSID off. You can configure fldigi to leave it on, but that
      > runs the risk
      > of it switching modes in the middle of a QSO due to QRM.
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