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  • Ken Meinken
    Jul 27, 2013
      On Jul 27, 2013, at 11:56 AM, ku4a wrote:

      > Could someone give me a quick explanation of "RXID" and "TXID". Are these the Reed-Solomon things? In fldigi I see a check box for these. I turned them ON, but don't really understand what I did :-)

      Yes, Reed-Soloman ID. When you check the TXID box, it sends out a digital mode ID at the beginning of each transmission. You can hear the difference in tones when the ID is completed and it goes to the communications mode. With RXID, fldigi automatically switches to the mode it hears on someone else's transmission and then (by default) turns RSID off. You can configure fldigi to leave it on, but that runs the risk of it switching modes in the middle of a QSO due to QRM.

      fldigi is very configurable as to how and when you want to use RSID. Typically it is not used for PSK modes, or CW either! ;-)

      Not all software supports RSID unfortunately.

      Ken WA8JXM
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