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2070Re: [olivia] NEWBIE HELP

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  • Gary
    Mar 27, 2013
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      If you run fldigi on both linux and Windows you can still use the same log for each installation one of several ways

      1. If you have internet access get a dropbox account (which can mirror folders on your linux or windows system AS well as backing it up automatically on their cloud servets)  and create a folder for your dropbox files you want to keep backrd up.  Then move your fldigi logbook file to that folder and point fldigi to it.  Set dropbox up in both linux and Windows and they can all sync up the same log file.  DropBox has a FREE account option for up to everal gigabytes of data. 

      2. If you don't have or don't want to use the Internet then set up a small additional Fat32 partition (assuming linux and Windows on the same computer) and keep your fldigi log file on that partition - then point both linux and Windows fldigi to the same file. 

      3. If you use separate computers then set up a Pogo (relatively cheap) nas server to do your own local private cloud type system

      I'm sure there are other solutions too

      -Gary WB8ROL 

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