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1836RE: [olivia] The 30m Band Utilization Chart -- 2 June 2011

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  • jsodus
    Jun 3, 2011
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      I was taught that, when I use the word "assume", I should expect that the
      situation would be ripe for making an ass out of you and me. Hi Hi.
      73 Jerry KM3K

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      Hi Ken,

      What's your difficulty with "Center Frequency"? It's clear for AM, FM
      and CW. Why is it NOT clear for Olivia or PSK31 or PSK125?

      You basically use an spectrum of audio frequencies of a certain
      bandwidth to modulate a SSB transceiver. Assume the transceiver is tuned
      to frequency ftx. Assume the middle frequency of the spectrum is fma.
      Then for USB your center frequency is ftx+fma and for LSB ftx-fma.
      This is the stuff people learn to pass their licence exam for more than
      50 years now...

      73: Waldis Jirgens - VK1WJ - http://ilgonis.orgfree.com
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