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1832Re: [olivia] The 30m Band Utilization Chart -- 2 June 2011

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  • Waldis Jirgens
    Jun 2 11:47 PM
      Hi All,

      Nice chart however "dial frequencies" are absolutely meaningless since
      with today's digital programs you can use whatever offset you like for
      virtually ALL modes (including Olivia). I find quoting "dial
      frequencies" more confusing than helpful. It leads to second guessing
      why a particular person finds a particular offset for a particular mode
      more desirable than another. There may be very good reasons to use a
      "non standard" offset (like availability of sharp if filters). Even
      worse: It discourages newcomers to digital modes, since "it's all too
      complicated". When I arrange a digital sked on a particular QRG I
      stipulate: "Center frequency of the signal" - that's clear!

      73: Waldis Jirgens - VK1WJ - http://ilgonis.orgfree.com
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