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1827The 30m Band Utilization Chart -- 2 June 2011

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    Jun 2, 2011
      Just in time for the 30m Multi Mode weekend -- 4/5 June 2011.

      A few weeks ago Don Hobson, KB9UMT, founder of the 30m Digital Group,
      published the updated "unofficial 30m bandplan" on the 30MDG reflector.
      I responded, saying that the listing was a little misleading, because
      some frequencies were dial frequencies, others were emitted frequencies,
      and it wasn't clear which was which.

      Don challenged me to do better. At first I tried to improve the listing
      format, to draw the distinction between dial and emitted frequencies,
      but quickly realized this was not an easy task! I finally capitulated
      and decided on a graphical format instead:


      I have called it a "Band Utilization" chart. It is exactly that. It is
      not a "bandplan", nor even an "unofficial bandplan". Rather, it is an
      attempt to graphically portray the many modes that are actually in use
      on 30m today. On the chart there is a clear distinction between dial
      frequencies and emitted frequencies, helping you to accurately set the
      correct frequency and to identify signals as they appear on the

      Prior to posting the chart on my website, I sent a couple of draft
      versions to a number of the world's "movers and shakers" in digital
      communication and HF. Several of them responded with very helpful
      comments, suggestions and corrections, for which I am very grateful.

      It's been an "interesting" exercise to fit everything in, but I hope you
      will find the finished chart useful. I think you will be intrigued to
      see just how much is squeezed into the band, especially above 10.140. In
      particular, the graphical approach highlights several overlaps between
      modes, which (to me at least) weren't at all obvious from the tabular
      frequency listing. I was also unaware of just how many Winlink RMS
      stations are active: no less than 48 stations on 32 frequencies, mostly
      above 10.140.

      The chart is a living document. If you see any errors or omissions, or
      want to suggest improvements, please email me at g3nrw@...

      Enjoy the Multi Mode weekend!

      Ian, G3NRW
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