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1160Re: [olivia] Olivia Transmissions to Europe

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  • massimo sessa
    Nov 16, 2007
      hi fred, it's 4.19 am utc, i'm calling on 1838.00 usb, olivia 500/16, marker 750 hz up, hope to see you, massimo iz0gkz

      Fred Darrah <cfdarrah@...> ha scritto:
      Greetings to all Dx stations.
      160 is becoming more stable now. Last night I copied several stations
      in PSK31 on 80 meters. On 40 meters I had a QSO with IV3JER Franco in
      PSK31 100% copy at 05:17 UTC. I think it is time to try QSOS on 160
      and 80 meters. I will be on at 0300 to 0530 UTC Saturday the 17th
      with the following modes.
      1838 center frequency Olivia 500/16 250/8 and will try 1000/32 from
      0400 to 0500
      3587 center frequency Olivia same modes Starting at 0300 to 0500 UTC
      7072.5 center frequency same modes Same times
      On the 15 minute segments I will use JT2 and JT65A on 160 meters.
      I can run as high as 350 Watts but will limit to 100 watts on all but
      160 meters. I will try 10 minute transmissions each mode on each
      band.I hope to see some stations make a special effort to be up early.
      If you have a time you wish to transmit let me know and I will listen
      at that time.
      I will pause to listen for any respose.
      Thanks 73 Fred N9GUE

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