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Re: [oldwwmachines] Re: WHY DO I KEEP BUYING EQUIPMENT?

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  • Roger Van Maren
    Okay here s my entry: Sliding TS - 900 lbs. PM 60 jointer - 400 lbs? 24 Tanny BS
    Message 1 of 55 , Apr 1, 2004
      Okay here's my entry:
      Sliding TS - 900 lbs.
      PM 60 jointer - 400 lbs?
      24" Tanny BS
    • grb8217
      ... I haven t posted much being the owner of what I d call small Arn (2 DeWalt RAS s, 50 s Crapsman TS & a 1917 B&D Drill in the drill stand), but this group
      Message 55 of 55 , Apr 4, 2004
        --- In oldwwmachines@yahoogroups.com, "dubuke2001" <hawkeyeRL@j...> wrote:
        > i am writing this as i sit and ponder the events of earlier today. it
        > is best that i write this now while i am still sore and tired and
        > while the experience is still fresh in my short term memory. this
        > morning i loaded a 700 pound Sidney tablesaw and an equally heavy
        > POWERMATIC 2-A tenon machine by myself in a rental truck with a
        > liftgate but no forklift and deliverd them to a new owner. these were
        > two machines i absolutely HAD TO HAVE when i first saw them and could
        > not wait to get them home.i eventually sold them after realizing i
        > had no room for them.this happens a lot. i can not turn down old
        > machinery. i do not have the room to store any more iron but yet i
        > keep on buying. i must be nuts-the definition of insanity is
        > something like behaving in the same manner and expecting different
        > results. i definitely fit this description. my only consolation is
        > hearing from other members out there who are possessed with this same
        > ailment. my father and grandfather both were also "collectors". i
        > know i am not CURED, i am fairly certain i will BUY again in the near
        > future but for today i have had enough. i can relate to the man who
        > stated "this saw followed me home from a sale". tired and pooped in
        > northern california.

        I haven't posted much being the owner of what I'd call 'small Arn' (2
        DeWalt RAS's, 50's Crapsman TS & a 1917 B&D Drill in the drill stand),
        but this group has to be one of the best groups on the web. Everyone
        has a sense of humor, yet respectful and tolerant of each other.

        With that said, this is in some way's an on-line version of AA. Like
        some of the other members have said, "Hello, my name is Greg. I'm
        addicted to 'Arn. Not just any 'ole 'Arn. Not that new, clean,
        glittery stuff. I'm hooked on the old, dirty, really rusty GOOD stuff
        with part's missing!"

        Half of the fun is in restoring a tool to it's former glory, or
        better. To me, nothing gives you a better idea of how a tool works and
        how to best use it than performing a full restoration of the tool

        I haven't figured out if this group is either enabling or a cure for
        the old 'Arn addiction. But I guess it doesn't really matter in the
        long run. There are worse things to be 'hooked on' than what's talked
        about here. And referring to 'collecting,' I an living proof that it's
        genetic. My dad has the old tools from his dad and older brother, and
        eventually I'll inherit them too, but I'm definately in no rush to get

        "The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it is
        unfamiliar territory."

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