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BEAT BYTE: City manager whacks central CoMo fire station again

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  • Mike Martin
    THE COLUMBIA HEART BEAT -- 10/3/13 Our 8th year as Columbia s All-digital, Alternative news source http://www.columbiaheartbeat.com 1) PUBLIC SAFETY
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      Our 8th year as Columbia's All-digital, Alternative news source

      1)  PUBLIC SAFETY NIGHTMARE:  CoMo city manager trades fire station for office space
      2)  WHAT YOU UNEXPECT:  CoMo slogan describes dumb way City Hall handles your money
      3)  BUCKET LIST BRAVO:  World premiere play explores friendship as love
      4)  FREE BIKE WORKSHOP:   Teaches CoMo kids rules of the road
      5)  A SIMPLE JOBS PLAN:   For Columbia's low-income neighborhoods
      6)  FRIENDLY GERM:   May reduce fertilizer cost and water pollution, Mizzou researchers claim
      7)  HEAR YE!  HEAR YE!    GOP barbecue; arts event for kids
      "The losses would be felt mostly at Fire Station No. 2 on Worley St.   One of its two fire trucks would be permanently shut down."
      -- letter to Columbia Fire Department about city manager Bill Watkins' budget, July 2010
      "The department would need six additional firefighters to fully staff Fire Station No. 2 on Worley St., but the citydoesn't have the money to make it happen right now."  -- City Manager Mike Matthes, Sept. 2013 

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      PUBLIC SAFETY NIGHTMARE:  CoMo city manager trades fire station for office space
      City manager whacks firehouse nestled between three elementary schools -- again!

      COLUMBIA, Mo 9/27/13 (Beat Byte) -- Columbia city manager Mike Matthes is deliberately short-staffing a central city fire station for the second time in three years, despite spending $14 million to pay for new city hall office space from the same account -- the General Fund -- that pays for firefighters. 
      Fire Station 2, on West Worley St., has a full staff only 35% of the time.  To reach the100% mark, the station needs six more firefighters.  But Matthes is telling reporters the city is too poor to hire them.
      The city manager's analysis is baffling.  The General Fund has nearly $26 million in so-called unrestricted, unassigned money, exceeding a target balance the Council set last year -- by $11 million.    Legal considerations and city policy make that money free to spend on virtually any city project. 



      WHAT YOU UNEXPECT: CoMo slogan describes dumb way City Hall handles your money
      Lazy and lazier money that refuses to budge for anyone but the city manager

      COLUMBIA, Mo 9/28/13 (Op Ed) -- With tens of millions of dollars in accounts that do nothing for the public, Columbia's oddball tourism slogan What You Unexpect describes the dumb way City Hall handles your money. 

      BUCKET LIST BRAVO:  World premiere play explores friendship as love
      "You've always been there for me."

      COLUMBIA, Mo 10/1/13 (Review) --  A punchy, fast-paced script pushes The List  from zero to sixty in no time, as a 4-person cast re-enacts seventy years in the friendship of a man and a woman.
      The world premiere play shows again at Columbia's Talking Horse Theatre, Oct. 4, 5, and 6.


      FREE BIKE WORKSHOP:  Teaches CoMo kids rules of the road
      A valuable, free event about bikes, cars, and safety

      COLUMBIA, Mo 9/30/13 (Beat Byte) --  A free workshop held at Columbia's Armory earlier this month taught over half-dozen children safety, riding, maintenance, and other important bicycling skills.
      Bike experts Gina Overshiner and Joe Silsby led the Columbia Kids Bike Workshop, a joint effort between PedNet and City Hall's Get About Columbia Program.   Overshiner organized and led Smithon Middle School's Bike Brigade and Bike Club for three years.
      With rising traffic, the workshop's goal is increasingly important:  teach children how to ride safely on local streets and trails. 

      A SIMPLE JOBS PLAN:  For Columbia's low-income neighborhoods
      Getting work needs to be simple if we want everyone to work

      COLUMBIA, Mo 9/26/13 (Op-Ed) -- If the nearly two dozen mostly young black men who politely approached me this spring and summer looking for work are any guide, Columbia might consider a "casual labor" or "casual employment" program that makes it easy to hire someone for a day or even a few hours, pay them cash, and know something about their skills.
      The jobs issue came up repeatedly at last week's crime task force meeting. 

      FRIENDLY GERM:  May reduce fertilizer cost and water pollution, Mizzou researchers claim
      Bacteria acts as nature's fertilizer

      COLUMBIA, Mo 10/3/13 (Beat Byte) -- A beneficial bacteria may reduce an expensive environmental scourge:  nitrogen fertilizer that leaches into rivers, streams, and groundwater, University of Missouri researchers claim.


      HEAR YE! HEAR YE!    Free art workshops for kids; GOP barbecue
      The Artists at ORR warmly invite you to our next SECOND SATURDAY for KIDS, Sat Oct 12, noon-3 p.m., Orr Street Studios, 106 Orr St. in Columbia.    Our theme is hoops and harps.  Join us to make musical harps, hula hoops, hand-held hoops, and then do some hooping it up to harp music!

      Guest Artists: 

      Maria Trevor, harpist and teacher of harp (http://www.mariaharp.com) and some of her students. 
      Grace Cunningham will bring her hula hoop-making creativity and skills

      SECOND SATURDAY is free of charge to kids, ages 5-15, with accompanying adult.
      The Boone County Republicans Fall BBQ will be Friday, Oct. 4 starting at 5 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 2525 N. Stadium Blvd. in Columbia. This annual event is hosted by the Pachyderm Clubs of Boone County and Columbia.
      Doors open at 5 p.m.
      Meal served at 5:30 p.m.
      Program to begin at approximately 6:30
      Roundtable question and answer session with Senator Kurt Schaefer, Representative Caleb Rowden and Representative Caleb Jones.
      Live and silent auctions scheduled. Items include St. Louis Rams tickets and a 2014 Kansas City Royals tickets.
      Tickets:   $15 each; ages 9-13, $5; 8 and under free. Tickets can be bought at boonecogopbbq.eventbrite.com. You can also reserve tickets by emailing boonecountypachyderms at gmail.com and pay for your tickets at the door


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