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Re: Welcome to the oldsouthwestandbroadway group

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  • Kerby Miller
    Please add my wife Patricia s email address to the list as well. Thanks, Kerby Miller
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2007
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      Please add my wife Patricia's email address <PMiller@...> to the
      list as well.
      Kerby Miller

      >I've added you to my oldsouthwestandbroadway group at Yahoo! Groups, a free,
      >easy-to-use service. Yahoo! Groups makes it easy to send and receive
      >group messages, coordinate events, share photos and files, and more.
      >My introductory message to you:
      >Welcome to Columbia's Old Southwest and Broadway
      >neighborhood listserv.
      >Description of the group:
      >Columbia's Old Southwest and Broadway Listserv is dedicated to
      >encouraging neighborhood dialogue on issues that face residents
      >between Providence and West Blvd.; from both sides of Broadway;
      >and past Stewart Road to the Katy Trail in Columbia, Missouri.
      >Need a recommendation for a roofer? Had a problem with a company
      >working on your home? A place to take out of town relatives for
      >dinner? Want to let everyone know about your yard sale? Do you
      >want to get the message out about a street that's blocked off
      >because of construction? Or do you want to let your neighbors
      >know about a nearby magnolia tree that's in full bloom?
      >Here you can exchange news and views about neighborhood issues,
      >streets, city services, development, traffic, parking, historic
      >preservation, stuff for sale, places for sale or rent, where to
      >eat, new things in town, schools, need a baby sitter, and more.
      >City-wide topics might include open and transparent government,
      >development & planning, proposed tax increases, and growth
      >Neighborhood and Homeowner Associations in the Old SW/Broadway
      >area are also encouraged to post information.
      >Pictured: The Historic Taylor House at 716 W. Broadway in
      >Columbia's historic Old Southwest neighborhood.
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