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  • Mogsmum@aol.com
    In a message dated 07/09/2005 13:45:46 GMT Daylight Time, catworld@stny.rr.com writes: For what it s worth, the veterinarians I forwarded the Noah s Wish
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2005
      In a message dated 07/09/2005 13:45:46 GMT Daylight Time, catworld@... writes:
      For what it's worth, the veterinarians I forwarded the Noah's Wish
      information to are making contributions. They've announced rather than
      the "usual" consolations when someone's pet expires, they will instead
      make a donation to Noah's Wish in the name of the deceased pet.

      Kind of a "mixed blessing" in that, I know. But, alas, pets do
      eventually expire.

      A drop in the bucket no doubt, but then every drop is bound to help.
      Heck, Katrina itself was nothing but a lot of drops and some wind. If
      nothing else I'm heartened by the increased local awareness around
      here. Likewise by the fact that the animal rescue efforts in New
      Orleans have been a shining example to all rather than the stain the
      "human relief" efforts have been.

      Thanks again for passing it along. And thank your friend, from all of
      us animal nuts here in western New York, too.

      hi cliff - sorry to delay replying - not been near the computer. out!!
      i do think what you are doing re catworld and now with noahs wish is just terrific. i have passed  your e mail on and i am sure my friends will be delighted.
      my daughter is very active in our local branch of a cats rescue organization - a branch of the big national cat rescue charity here in britain -  they have raised lots of money but in st albans the cats that need rescuing are, these days, few and far between. she is contacting all the committee members and is going to try to get them to donate as much as she can to noahs wish as a gesture from here in hertfordshire. will keep you posted.
      i looked at the website again last night and what a huge job they have down there.
      i am really upset that they plan to enforce the entire evacuation of New Orleans - i WOULDN'T leave my pets - they would drag me out screaming - but frankly i find it incredible that it is legal. surely you have a right to stay in your own home at you own risk. surely it must be quite unconstitutional. i think that mayor is quite obscene and utterly inept and useless. why didn't he use the buses to bus out the poor before the hurricane rather than hollering and screaming afterwards.
      yesterday i sat at the computer and sent e mails about the abandoned pets to everyone i could think of from the president down. it appears that thousands of others are doing the same. according to fox news they have been inundated with them and it shows that the plight of these poor creatures has finally gotten on/and risen up/ the agenda.
      i think what you have acheived for noahs wish is just so wonderful - i can't thank you enough - pats to the the ten and special pats to the two household all purpose domestic staff regards elizabeth 
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