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  • The Webfairy
    ... I can think of a lot of beauty about being a conservative, well beyond the slur/underestimation that only tells me this alert is just playing pots-and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      spiker wrote:
      > Please do us a favor, and try to convince as many of your fellow conservatives
      > online as possible to join the ConservativeAlerts.com email list, by going to
      > http://www.conservativealerts.com/ and signing up for FREE. No, every member
      > won't always agree with every single Action Item we send out every week... But
      > that's the beauty of being a conservative: we're not mindless drones, like the
      > liberals are! :-)

      I can think of a lot of beauty about being a
      conservative, well beyond the slur/underestimation that
      only tells me this alert is just playing pots-and
      kettles, and any name they call applies to them too.

      Standing up for states rights and constitutional rights,
      for two. Small government, Individual rights, including
      the right to bear arms and self-medicate. Conservatives
      Know there's God. At least that's what Conservative
      means to me.

      The Fabian-Socialist Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Neocons
      are being exposed as just more commies with their
      stripes running the other way, some Fascist Moonie
      Sideshow that is wearing thin.

      I refuse to let them take the word Conservative with
      them when they get shown the door. Some day maybe real
      Liberals will throw out the Neo-Libs that are really
      just more Fabian Socialist NeoCons with their stripes
      running the other way, and reclaim the dignity of the
      word they identify with too.

      I can make an Across the Board assertion that Fabian
      Socialist = Illuminati.

      The biggest difference between NeoCon Fabian Socialists
      and NeoLib Fabian Socialists is that the Libs are proud
      of it and honest about it, at least as honest as
      patterned deception can get.

      Neither side is in favor of America, or Americans (or
      anybody wearing skin, really)
      Fabian Socialism Equals Illuminati. Hillary Clinton is

      The Fabian Socialist Symbol is the Wolf in Sheep's
      Lyndon Larouche has Fabian Socialists identified

      Fabian Socialists are on both sides.
      They ALWAYS play both sides.
      Both sides against the middle.
      That's us.
      Order out of Chaos.
      The Hegelian Dialectic, a logic system guaranteed to
      generate wrong answers, which doesn't bother them
      because they don't think there's any such thing as truth
      Only Advantage.

      One of their lies is that Alchemy involved turning base
      metals into gold. Alchemy is the Craft of turning Dross
      into Gold.Dross means LIES. They've accustomed people to
      want to be lied to. This turns them into sheep dependent
      on a shepherd, and the shepherds always turn out to be
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