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[usa-tesla] wrong again

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  • Roland Croteau
    To all, I hope this finds you well and in good spirit. Following is another fellow that looks like he is onto it . Hope you enjoy. LLTF, Roland
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
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      To all,

      I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

      Following is another fellow that looks like he is "onto it".

      Hope you enjoy.

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      > Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 01:52:12 +0100
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      > Subject: Re: [usa-tesla] wrong again
      > Herzog wrote:
      >> Quote;
      >> God has also very
      >> clearly prohibited man from making up his own laws.
      >> Will says please tell the government and Supreme courts.
      >> Their answer seems to be God who?
      >> Wil
      > the only solution to this seems to be to get together and vote for
      > God's
      > Laws to be re-instated and for them to replace the man-made laws
      > (which are designed to oppress and break down the poor and take their
      > share and give it to the rich). all of God's prophets were basically
      > warning people that if they didnt turn to the creator and respect His
      > Laws, and live with nature, instead of against it, that all these
      > horrible things would pass.
      > evil, greedy, money-hungry people such as J.P.Morgan would amass huge
      > amounts of money, and be in the best position to sabotage any
      > free-thinking, mankind-helping inventors/inventions, and to use
      > their
      > immense wealth and power to basically crush the spirit of good men,
      > such
      > as Tesla. this pattern also repeats with what happened to Viktor
      > Schauberger's nature-based implosion ideas (he was flown to the states
      > by investors, no-one could seem to make any headway, he started missing
      > home and wanted to go home, and they forced him to sign his whole life
      > to them, forbidding him from ever talking about the implosion-theories,
      > basically, the most important thing to him, he was forced to sign away,
      > by being forced to sign a contract in a language he didnt understand,
      > and he perished a few days after that, a desolate man).
      > all these bright, good men such as nikola tesla and viktor schauberger,
      > and who knows how many, are victims of the way things are, the current
      > greed-based society, which can only exist, if the rich,clever and the
      > strong are allowed to oppress the poor,less clever and the weak.
      > i.e., in man-made systems, all of this is allowed to happen.
      > no-one who has any sense in their minds, and thinks about the greater
      > good of ALL human beings WORLDWIDE, would EVER allow for the
      > inventions/inventors to be snubbed, killed off, to lack funding, to be
      > ridiculed, to be blanklisted/blackballed, and for the investments to
      > be
      > withdrawn. there is NO good reason. anyone doing any research into what
      > happened to nikola tesla will realize that the people he encountered
      > did not have the good of all mankind at heart, and they would never
      > want to change. they just wanted their own selfish, personal profit, at
      > the expense of everyone. it is private insanity, and pure evil, or pure
      > greed, whichever way you want to talk about it. these people were
      > criminally insane, and they have managed to shape the world into the
      > absolutely twisted image that they themselves wanted it to be, for
      > profit.
      > j.p.morgan is long dead. he didnt get to keep his gold, his profits,
      > his
      > stock portfolio. there is no sense in leaving a legacy such as what he
      > did, and what other people leave, daily, due to their greed-based,
      > selfish, actions.
      > these people are only allowed to flourish by the system - that they
      > have had a chance in shaping.- the selfish greedy profiteering that
      > these long-dead, and some still-living, people, - lived their lives
      > setting up and living, can only be allowed to happen, if mankind truly
      > believes that it knows best how to set up rules and regulations, how
      > to
      > set up laws. and look what mess we are in.
      > there are universal laws, that are centered towards the good of all
      > mankind, and there are illuminaries, such as nikola tesla, who devoted
      > their lives to making it more possible for mankind to follow these
      > rules, either wittingly or unwittingly. one of them is, well, pretty
      > obviously, do unto others.
      > all of this idiocy is allowed to happen to us, as a whole, as mankind,
      > because we allow it to happen. we allow those power-hungry clever
      > people
      > to wreck people's dreams, dreams such as nikola tesla's, and many
      > others, by allowing them to be in control, by allowing them to amass
      > huge amounts of wealth, by usury, iniquity and crookery. so we get the
      > government, investors, and the mess, we, universally deserve.
      > all of nikola tesla's dreams could still be made to happen. the
      > wardenclyffe tower COULD be built, and it could be built, probably for
      > nikola teslas 150th birthday (which would be around 9-10th july 2006).
      > there is still time, but not a single one of these filthy rich,
      > selfish,
      > greedy people will ever allow it to happen, or help it happen, because
      > they are not interested in the greater good of everyone, they just want
      > their own slice of the pie.
      > if, on the other hand, everyone helps everyone else to a slice of that
      > pie, EVERYONE wins. EVERYONE. and EVERYONE gets a slice of the pie, and
      > EVERYONE is happy.
      > being out for our own selfish good does no-one _any_ good.
      > but its extremely difficult to talk about any of this without being
      > pointed out as a hypocrite. no-one's pure enough to talk about this
      > stuff, without being shot down by critics.
      > luckily the truth is much stronger than any profiteering. tesla's
      > inventions, and tesla's legacy, will shine thru/true.
      > one day.
      > but the people in charge of this planet arent interested in it.
      > seriously now. if they were, today would really BE the future we all
      > envisioned, the future that we were promised. instead of this backwards
      > mess.
      > its up to the little people to choose between
      > 1) either devoting all of their lives, and their miniscule amounts of
      > financing, and strength, to try and go against the grain and implement
      > things, build things, to spread information, whilst suffering from the
      > oppression (intellectual, physical, mental) by the powers in charge of
      > this place,
      > OR
      > 2) topple the whole house of cards, which is built upon man setting up
      > his OWN laws, which make it possible for people to be bribed to turn
      > the blind eye, which make it possible for people to amass huge amounts
      > of wealth, by con-man-ship,piracy,usury(charging interest),murder,lies
      > and deceit, which make it possible for people to be dying in far-off
      > places because the rich are too busy becoming richer, which allows for
      > churches such as the vatican, to amass enormous amounts of money, based
      > on a confidence trick, whilst reveling in their own hypocrisy (new
      > testament says 'only have what you need, give to anyone that asks of
      > you, learn to talk to the creator directly, do not have priests, do not
      > go to church, talk to the creator privately, do not amass wealth, do
      > unto others as you would want to be done to yourselves, etc, etc, etc',
      > yet i dont see the churches dismantling and giving away all their
      > money to the poor, the homeless and the starving derelicts caused by
      > the hypocrisy that is a church, that is a government, that claims to
      > be one nation under god, by a church that claims to follow the
      > teachings of jesus, or the prophets, or moses, or whatever it is, all
      > of them said the exact same thing. do NOT allow evil people to oppress
      > you, do NOT gather money endlessly for yourselves, do NOT lie, do NOT
      > kill, do NOT covet what is others,.. etc..etc..etc..)))
      > seriously, which do you think is going to work? everyone trying to
      > build things on their own, whilst being broke because of taxing,
      > hardly
      > making any decent income at work, having our property seized, being
      > forcibly drafted to wars, etc, etc, all the while whilst nikola
      > tesla's inventions sit around gathering dust, when all it needs is
      > the whole society to be toppled and replaced with the way things were
      > originally??
      > ohwell.
      > united we stand, divided we fall?
      > there is no greater division than the one caused by man-made laws,
      > money, fear, and hatred.
      > we all need the exact same things. clean food, pure air, pure water,
      > clothes, warmth, house, electricity, peace, liberty. yet we have
      > these
      > people who decide that in addition to that, they'll make money
      > whilst adulterating the food, wrecking the air, destroying what little
      > there is of water left, and selling us things that come with endless
      > bills as a bonus.
      > tesla saw thru all that, saw further than anyone else, and that is why
      > this list exists, that is why there is interest in what he had to say,
      > that is why we are here. the people in charge shot him down, and
      > provided us with basically, a martyr, to woe at, and to, in a divided
      > fashion, try to piece together what he was going off about, but in the
      > end, who's going to have the last laugh? if they intend to have it,
      > they wont be able to have it, because they cant breathe because the
      > air
      > has all been poisoned, their throats will be parched because there is
      > no more pure water, and their lungs wont work because of all these
      > poisons causing cancers that will eat them all alive. and us at the
      > same time. their money wont help them one bit, and our good intentions
      > wont help us one bit.
      > this inequality is only allowed to happen to us because we
      > collectively go against the grain, go against the universal laws, and
      > by
      > inaction help the world slowly become a worse and worse place.
      > great.
      > come on now. there's a little more than a year left up until his
      > 150th
      > birthday. is the tesla wireless world system going to be in effect, or
      > will we still be using the internet thru plastic wiring and paying
      > ourselves to death for a government-etc-controlled medium of
      > communication, such as the internet, the telephone, the radio, etc?
      > will
      > they still be manufacturing plastic discs and selling them to us
      > packaged in more plastic, whilst pocketing a nice little sum, AND at
      > the
      > same time hardly paying the artists anything? and what about the
      > controlled movie-industry? what about this whole
      > military-industrial-complex that churns out endless weapons of war,
      > for
      > profit, instigates wars, to increase the profits, and poisons the lot
      > of us, so that the pharmaceutical companies and doctors can make a
      > profit, all the while cramming us full of adulterated, poisonous food,
      > sold to us by monsanto and the like, all the while us getting sicker
      > and
      > sicker and sicker, in order to wear us down, whether you want to
      > believe
      > it or not, just to keep the status quo in effect.
      > tesla went against the status quo. he envisioned something so much
      > better than all of this.
      > a world with wireless electricity transfer, wireless communication
      > (music/talk, and surely by now it would be internet)
      > a world without combustion-engine cars which wreck the whole place
      > a world without war because there would be no sense in warring because
      > everyone would be able to defend themselves against anyone else. once
      > you have no way to win over anyone else, theres no interest in buying
      > weapons from lockheed-martin, carlyle, etc, etc.
      > a world where people could just move around and live wherever they
      > wanted, thus making real-estate agencies bankrupt, stripping any
      > meaning
      > from 'countries', and taxes? what exactly would we be paying taxes for?
      > electricity? water? license to move around? the infrastructure? to
      > support a government? what?
      > tesla's system would give us the freedom we should've had since
      > whenever he made the plans for it, when he saw it/was shown it. and
      > here we are, being afraid that global warming will kill us all?
      > and because of a few people who were in charge of the money?
      > tesla wanted to give everyone freedom. the money-makers just wanted to
      > keep making profits. good.grief.
      > ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous.
      > yes its a limited view, and you can end up in endless bickerings about
      > which of this is too simplified and which of this is nonsensical, and
      > too child-like a view, but come on, is this not so, and should not
      > something a little bit more drastic be done, than sitting around
      > trying
      > to accumulate dollars and cents (whilst their buying-power diminishes
      > based on whatever the people holding THAT boat aloft choose to do with
      > their power over the worth of currency) to make a teeny-tiny effort
      > at
      > making this, or making that.
      > rest assured, the way things are currently, if someone were to set up
      > the tesla wireless world system, or even one of the towers, the USG
      > would just destroy it. after all, tewwowists dont want this, tewwowists
      > dont want that.. or is it really the big money.. etc..
      > if people dont go and topple the man-made legislation/law-based
      > house-of-cards, by voting for God's government, God's Laws, God's
      > statutes, economic policy, etc, the rich WILL continue to allow this
      > place to be wrecked, and they will _never_ allow teslas dreams to
      > become
      > a reality.
      > the only thing that could keep people from realizing that God's Laws,
      > the Universal Laws, are the only solution, is the possibility that
      > they associate God with these money-grubbing corporations called
      > churches/religiousmovements, run by
      > priests,popes,rabbis,imams,_whateveryounameit_, when they have less
      > to do with God than an explosion with an implosion.
      > everything is now reversed, and has been accepted as 'the right way
      > around', for so long, that the real-way-things-are seems foreign,
      > alien, and scary. infact, the way-things-should-be is starting to
      > seem like insanity!
      > how many people thought tesla was a crackpot? how many people thought
      > that the prophets were madmen, and had them torn asunder, silenced,
      > ridiculed and killed off? how many wise, righteous people are going to
      > still have time to rise up, say their lines, and be mowed down by the
      > people in power, whilst we go 'oh, another good man died'. how many
      > truth-speakers will be found by truth-seekers, be heard, and still be
      > killed off when they speak too close to the truth?
      > we've got enough martyrs to line everyone's home's walls with, but
      > none
      > of them seem to amount to anything at all. its like we're absolutely
      > blind. its ridiculous. and extremely sad. and it is, history repeating
      > itself.
      > i could throw a billion quotes after this, from various people, but
      > what
      > would it avail? would it convince anyone?
      > tesla was a prophet, a visionary, someone who saw how things could be,
      > if people just went and looked at how this planet is made, what laws
      > of
      > nature are in effect, and tapped them, instead of going against them.
      > yes he gave us AC, but he saw beyond mere plastic-cased wires, he saw
      > to the end result, and that was never allowed to happen.
      > when are we going to stop being divided by words, by powerful people,
      > and everything else that can be used to divide us?
      > call it karma, call it sowing and reaping, call it the Big Good All,
      > call it God, call it The Creator, The Architect, call it by any number
      > of names your various religious sects, etc, have come up with, but in
      > the end, if you Do Good to someone, that someone has a Good Reason to
      > Do Good Back To You. if you give, you get given to, if you take, you
      > get taken from. if certain people are allowd to take, and keep on
      > taking, from everyone, then no-one is going to have anything, except
      > them. then they MUST be taken from, to balance up the scales.
      > God's Laws have a clause in them, meaning, people can amass, and enjoy,
      > their works, and their wealth, for 50 years, after which it must be
      > _evenly_ shared/given away, to all of the people, not destroyed, not
      > 'used', just given,shared to everyone. this way there can be no poor.
      > this is the only way to make poverty history, and this is the only way
      > to solve things on this planet. but if a pope comes up with this,
      > decides that the wealth of, say, the vatican, has to be given away,
      > he's
      > promptly killed off.
      > so basically, if someone in charge of a church, that whacks people on
      > the head with the new testament, reads their own medicine, and tries to
      > implement it, that person gets killed off, by people who, claiming that
      > they follow jesus's teachings, are actually lying, and not following,
      > and doing his teachings, instead, going againstthem, opposing them,
      > whilst lying to the people that they are doing good for the benefit of
      > all. when is this double-standard business going to end? they are not
      > going to wake up one day and go 'oh, wow, maybe what we did for as long
      > as we can remember, is actually bad, and we should do it the other way
      > around', the only way they will reverse, is if they are forced to
      > reverse, by enough people waking up and realizing
      > that they do not do, what they want us to do. and
      > if someone tells you to do something, that they are not themselves
      > doing, is that not hypocrisy?
      > churches are hypocrites, and rotten to the core.
      > politicians are hypocrites, and rotten to the core. if they start as
      > good people, they will be threatened, and forced to conform.
      > corporations are insane, and rotten to the core.
      > mankind is insane, hypocritical, and rotten to the core.
      > the whole system is rotten to the core, and it is allowed to be that,
      > because of various laws that allow it to function, whilst claiming that
      > it is for the best of all.
      > Are Things Really Getting Better?
      > and are they going toget better on their own??
      > good night. and a long night it will continue to be, unless if mankind
      > suddenly decides to wake up, individually.
      > p.s., all of these brilliant inventions, by various people, will be
      > stolen from us, and used against us, to control us, to enslave us, or
      > slowly sold to us at ridiculous prices, for a profit, once the previous
      > way-things-were has been exhausted (oil) etc. good luck.
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