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  • Roland Croteau
    To All, My only comment to the following is.., MORE INSANITY. LLTF, Roland
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
      To All,

      My only comment to the following is.., MORE INSANITY.


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      > Date: July 3, 2005 9:20:18 AM EDT
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      > Subject: Re: Moving to the right Court
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      > July 2, 2004
      > Mother sues state for racketeering
      > She says officials kidnapped her children
      > By Diane Bukowski
      > The Michigan Citizen
      > Starletta Banks displays pictures of her children. She hasn't
      > seen them since 2000.
      > DETROIT - Starletta Banks has not seen her three children, Darius, now
      > 11, Danielle, now 7, and Darren, now 5, since the year 2000, but she
      > says she is determined to have them come home again to her loving
      > arms.
      > "It's been devastating," said Banks. "It's been hard holding jobs and
      > eating and sleeping. You can't even imagine the Christmases and
      > birthdays I've spent. When we get them back, whenever that is, it will
      > be Christmas because I've gone on buying presents for them all this
      > time."
      > Banks says her children were essentially kidnapped by Governor
      > Jennifer Granholm, Attorney General Mike Cox, and various judges,
      > administrators and doctors to be used as "cash cows" for the benefit
      > of the state's child foster care system. That system is largely farmed
      > out to private non-profit agencies who receive federal funds for each
      > child. She says the alleged kidnappers have profited because they sit
      > on the boards of agencies in that system.
      > On June 6, Banks filed suit in U.S. District Court under federal
      > racketeering and civil rights statutes, demanding her children's
      > return, and calling for an immediate investigation by the U.S.
      > Department of Justice into the alleged misuse of federal funds by the
      > State of Michigan in hers and thousands of other foster care cases.
      > "I'm going to fight them with everything I've got, until my children
      > are returned to me, and I want other families to join me," said Banks,
      > who, so far, is representing herself in the case. Banks resides with
      > her mother and father Barbara and Leo Banks, who are supporting her
      > suit. The suit was inspired by a similar action in Los Angeles County
      > that opened an investigation into 30,000 foster care cases there.
      > "Plaintiff was severely damaged and her family destroyed by the kidnap
      > under color of law of her three children," reads Banks' complaint.
      > "Defendants used the Michigan state foster care system as a 'child for
      > profit' machine, with eighty percent of their caseload contracted out
      > to private agencies who are paid federal monies by the case. . .
      > Defendants sat on the boards of agencies that received federal monies
      > for the 'care and custody' of children, while actively participating
      > in, or making judicial decisions on cases involving child custody or
      > termination of parental rights including plaintiff's case."
      > Banks' parental rights to her children were terminated by Wayne County
      > Juvenile Court Judge Patricia Campbell in October, 2000, after a
      > series of events that began two years earlier when Banks took
      > Danielle, then an infant, to Henry Ford Hospital after she fell out of
      > bed. (See "Attorney General Seeks to Take Children," Michigan Citizen
      > Mar. 12-18, 2000.)
      > The baby sustained a skull fracture, but the hospital contended at the
      > time that other X-rays showed evidence of old rib fractures.
      > Subsequent studies, however, showed no such old fractures. The family
      > now believes that Danielle's X-rays were initially mixed up with those
      > of another infant.
      > At the time, the court took temporary custody of Banks' two children.
      > Her third child was born later and also taken based solely on the
      > accident with Danielle. The children were assigned to Orchard's
      > Children's Services, where workers eventually recommended that they be
      > returned to Banks after she successfully completed a parenting course
      > at Black Family Development.
      > The workers said the children had been traumatized by their removal
      > from their mother, repeatedly cried and asked for her, and were scared
      > of being left alone.
      > However, after an Orchard's worker withdrew the recommendation for
      > return, Campbell terminated Banks' rights, despite the fact that no
      > charges of abuse or neglect had ever been brought against her. Banks'
      > parents were later appointed as guardians, but that status was
      > terminated in 2001 and the children were returned to foster care.
      > Banks appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals, which ruled against
      > her in July of 2002. The State Supreme Court has since refused to hear
      > the case.
      > Banks contends that numerous state officials who participated in the
      > termination of her parental rights also are members of non-profits
      > connected with the foster care system, creating a blatant conflict of
      > interest. They are cited as individual defendants in her case.
      > They include appeals court judge Kathleen Jansen, one of the three
      > judges who denied her appeal, who sits on the Macomb County Child
      > Abuse Neglect Information Council, and Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth
      > Weaver, who chairs the "Governor's Task Force on Children's Justice
      > and Family Independence Agency."
      > Although she was not the attending physician, Dr. Annamaria Church
      > testified against Banks on behalf of Henry Ford Hospital. Besides
      > heading the pediatric residency program at the DeVos Children's
      > Hospital in Grand Rapids, she is also involved with the state's
      > non-profit Children's Trust Fund, which doles out $70 million annually
      > in funding to various non-profit child welfare agencies including
      > foster care programs.
      > "My lawsuit showed every foster care case was tainted because
      > officials in Los Angeles County failed to disclose their conflicts of
      > interest," said Dr. Shirley Moore, National Director of Legislative
      > Affairs for the American Family Rights Association.
      > In response to Moore's actions, as well as an American Civil Liberties
      > Union lawsuit and an expose by the Los Angeles Daily News, a judge
      > ordered a review of foster care placements in that county.
      > "Up to half of the 75,000 children in the systems and adoptive homes
      > were needlessly placed in a system that is often more dangerous than
      > their own homes because the county receives $30,000 to $150,000 in
      > state and federal revenues for each placement," wrote the Daily News.
      > Moore said the situation in Michigan is far worse, because officials
      > at all levels up to the state are involved, and there is no recourse
      > here except federal court.
      > Press representatives for Governor Granholm and the state's Human
      > Services Department would not comment on Banks' action due to the
      > pending litigation, and the attorney general's representative would
      > not comment due to "attorney-client privilege." An attorney for Dr.
      > Annamaria Church had not returned a call for comment by press time.
      > http://www.michigancitizen.com/default.asp?sourceid=&
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      > Subject: [OFR] Mother sues state for racketeering
      > July 2, 2005
      > Mother sues state for racketeering
      > She says officials kidnapped her children
      > By Diane Bukowski
      > The Michigan Citizen
      > The truth about how the system operates is laid bare for all to see.
      > http://familyrights.us/news/archive/2005/july/mother_sues_state.htm
      > Please forward widely
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