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News Alert: Jeff Rense: African AIDS in USA - UK: Fleeing Blacks are everyone's problem

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  • pbs@iafrica.com
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [I have just completed an hour and a half interview with Jeff Rense, and thought I would quickly send out this informaion. While
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [I have just completed an hour and a half interview with Jeff Rense, and
      thought I would quickly send out this informaion.

      While Jeff and I were discussing AIDS (a topic about which he wrote a
      book some years ago), he quoted from a news article in the USA. It said
      that African strains of AIDS have now been discovered in Minnesota, in
      the USA. I don't have the news item on hand, but I think one will find it
      on his site at Rense.com.

      I mentioned to Jeff that Blacks are fleeing Africa, and they are mainly
      fleeing to Europe where in certain countries they are causing serious
      problems. I have heard of organised criminals and prostitutes from Africa
      causing chaos in Italy for example. And Spain is experiencing a serious
      problem with "boat people" from Africa.

      I was saying to Jeff that Black Africans will probably cause a lot of
      serious problems in Europe because they are flooding in there in large
      quantities - bringing AIDS with them.

      I noticed that in the UK, recently, the British National Party, put up a
      link to the farm murders in South Africa. And I would like you to read
      what they wrote, because it underlines a lot of what I have been saying:

      "With the G8 summit planned for 5 weeks time and Bob Geldof forcing
      Africa and that continent's suffering high on to the agenda for the
      summit of world leaders, it behoves the BNP to have a clear stance on the
      issue of aid to Africa.

      In Brimstone, Lee Barnes argues that a stable Africa will be one which
      retains its own people, rather than giving rise to an exodus of refugees
      and migrants. If bringing about a stable continent means, amongst other
      factors, persuading the world banks to "drop the debt" that we should be
      echoing that message and further making sure that any increase in western
      aid donations is tied to widespread political change on the continent.

      As always Brimstone brings a timely issue to our screens and presents a
      controversial and thought provoking stance, worthy of debate and

      We make no apology for the disgusting picture of brutality above. The
      victim was a wife of a South African farmer, she was �lucky�, after her
      operation she survived; a survivor of a savage attack by anti-white
      racist Blacks, thousands of others haven�t. A fuller story and some truly
      gruesome pictures of sickening violence and brutality can be found
      here... [Link to my website]."

      End of BNP statement.

      I have been saying for a long time, that Blacks are now fleeing from
      Africa in larger numbers than ever, thanks to the collapse brought on by
      putting the wrong people in power there (a bunch of Socialists). I would
      like to remind people around the world about the objections many of us
      had with regard to people being put in power here, whom we said, upfront,
      were dictators or mass-murderers-waiting-to-happen. We said these people
      were not fit to rule countries - and everyone ignored what we had to say
      on the subject.

      But, those who ignored us, will find that things are now rebounding right
      back on them. Many people in Europe and the USA thought they could ignore
      Africa and they are now discovering to their horror - that Africa is
      coming to their own back yard. The problems of yesteryear, the problems
      of Rhodesia, of South Africa, of Angola, of Nigeria - are all coming to a
      town or city near you - especially if you live in Europe.

      The disaster of Africa is affecting each one of you. If not through
      Blacks who are fleeing the continent, then through AID that your
      Government is giving. And if that AID, from your tax money, is not spent
      properly in Africa, then even more of it will be needed in the future.

      So you may think, you could ignore Africa - but you will find, to your
      horror, that the scale of the disaster here is so enormous, that it will
      affect you. Many British and European people have already had first-hand
      experience of seeing masses of Black immigrants coming into their
      countries and causing serious social problems. It is only a matter of
      time, before Britain or even Finland become Third World states! (You may
      think I am joking, but take a look at some studies and information from
      those countries and you will be shocked at what you will find).

      Africa has already become everyone's problem. The world helped people
      like Mugabe to come to power. I think the world should also start taking
      stronger and more effectives steps to solve the problem because Africa's
      negative impact on the world could be enormous. And maybe, next time,
      people should listen a little more closely to those of us who live here,
      who actually make things over here work, because you will see, that our
      concerns are not overblown. Jan]
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