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News Alert: When the Russians were in Angola and Mozambique...

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  • pbs@iafrica.com
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [I noticed recently, a lot of people in the USA, with an interest in military things (hobbyists, military folk, etc) discovered a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [I noticed recently, a lot of people in the USA, with an interest in
      military things (hobbyists, military folk, etc) discovered a page on my
      site, in my photo gallery, where I write a little bit about the war in
      Angola where South Africans fought, man-to-man against Russians, Cubans,
      East Germans, etc.

      It is sad, but entire WARS which raged here, and were disguised as
      "Liberation wars", were largely run by Communists.

      I am glad to see that people with a serious interest in these things are
      actually taking a look at these photographs and the bit of info I put
      out. (What I have put out, is small compared to the full documented
      evidence - indeed, there is probably a lot more information which has
      never even been written down, and the survivors, the former soldiers, are
      out there).

      Yes, there was a lot of fighting in Angola, and direct confrontations
      between Whites and Communists in Southern Africa.

      In Mozambique, the Rhodesian army found evidence of Russians being there.
      The Rhodesian army also tried, in their various raids to actually kill
      the Russian army Officers if they could. I don't know of any instance
      where they were successful. But they did find much documentary evidence
      of things written in Russian.

      There was also an instance where a Russian aircraft carrier was off the
      coast of Mozambique and it was sending their modern fighters to fly
      across Rhodesia. The small, and extremely ancient, Rhodesian airforce
      actually gathered together in the town of Umtali (now called Mutare), to
      try, with their outdated aircraft, to try to corner one of these modern
      Russian fighters to shoot it down. They tried boldy, with aircraft which
      were almost of WWII vintage... and nearly succeeded... but the superior
      Russian aircraft got away.

      Those people who were in Zimbabwe shortly after Mugabe came to power, in
      1980, will remember the massive influx of Chinese into Zimbabwe for a
      period of years. The Communist Chinese were involved in building railway
      lines in Africa, and they funded and assisted Mugabe.

      I have noticed a shocking trend recently though. There are attempts, from
      the Liberal Academics in South Africa to now try to pretend that the
      Russians NEVER WERE IN AFRICA!!! I saw a paper to that effect some weeks
      ago and was shocked.

      So, my suggestion to everyone is: Take note of the photos on my website -
      and if need be, take copies of the photos and pages - because they come
      from rare books which were only published here in Africa. And one day,
      the Liberal/Marxist revisionists will want to tell you that the
      Russian/Chinese presence in Africa was a White propaganda invention and a
      figment of our imaginations.

      So, for historical purposes, I hope some people will take note of the
      importance of a lot of the photographic material on my website. You never
      know when my website might not be functioning any more - so if anyone
      wants to make copies of things on my site, especially the photographic
      stuff - you may do so.

      Furthermore, there is a very very rare publication "Anatomy of Terror" on
      the site. I had to borrow a copy from someone in order to create that.

      If I come across other useful, but rare, and historically important
      information, I will put it on my site, because I think people must see
      these things and record these facts because, one day, not only might my
      website be gone - but, if Whites don't manage to attain independence of
      their own in Africa, then one day, we will be gone, and our presence here
      will be a dim memory in people's minds. Did we even exist?

      As we all know, history is written by the winners, but in this case, I
      would like to ensure that much of the most important information about
      our side and our cause is not lost.
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