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News Alert: Don't Blame the Gold - Blame the Blacks!

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    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [In the news story below they blame Gold for keeping the war going. But this is all wrong. If one were to go back into history you
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      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [In the news story below they blame Gold for keeping the war going. But
      this is all wrong. If one were to go back into history you will see that
      the whole concept that Africa will be peaceful under Black rule is really
      a lot of nonsense. When Whites arrived here, Black Africa was split among
      300 tribes who were constantly at war with each other. Now that the hand
      of the White man has been removed, we are seeing Blacks returning to
      their former state (with some minor differences).

      People will say: "The White man came to Africa and took advantage of the
      ignorant Blacks who then traded all their valuables for a few beads.
      Ergo, nasty, cunning, horrible, devious White man."

      What these people forget is WHY the Blacks and Whites interacted as they
      did. Many times, the Blacks, in their incessant wars with each other then
      took to trying to manipulate the Whites to side with them and to ask for
      White help in conquering someone else. When Blacks weren't busy stealing
      from each other, they tried it against the Whites. But the Whites didn't
      take kindly to that - hence the various "Kaffir Wars". There are many
      historical instances where the Blacks came and stole the cattle from the
      Whites, and the White farmers banded together, got their muskets, climbed
      on their horses and set off to retrieve their stolen cattle and punished
      the Blacks. (Our forefathers ROCKED!! Wouldn't it be cool if we could
      band together and hunt down and kill some of these Black criminal gangs
      which our Police never catch?) Gradually, over a period of time, our
      forefathers either totally pacified the Blacks through FORCE, or they
      drove them back. Either way, they ended up in control of Africa bit by

      The individual tribes of Africa were so busy stabbing each other in the
      back, that often, the only people they ended up turning to, either out of
      need or because they could trust their word, were the Whites! There are
      many instances where Blacks hated each other so much, that the only
      people they could trust in any way, were White people.

      How the Whites conquered Africa was really because of the way Whites
      build on what they have. The Blacks on the other hand, destroy what they
      have and end up in really bad situations of their own creation. Then when
      they are in a desperation which they created, then they run off and start
      selling the Gold and the Ivory, etc. In certain instances, in South
      Africa and Zimbabwe, Whites received large tracts of land as part of
      historical signed deals between Whites and Blacks. Its the Blacks who
      ended up screwing themselves because they can't live with each other.

      I watch Blacks failing daily... one day I will tell the story in much
      more detail. I have so many juicy stories to tell about Blacks and Whites
      who were promoted, and how they worked, when the Whites were in charge,
      or when a Black guy took over. Or, as recently happened, a Black guy
      couldn't take the heat and he resigned, then a White junior who was
      supposed to report to him, suddenly took over and suddenly, things were
      being fixed at a staggering rate. Everyone then looked up and said: "Wow,
      nothing happened during all the years when that Black guy ran the
      department, but this White lad is doing more in a few weeks than the
      Black guy did in years!"

      Also I noticed, that many Blacks, when they suddenly find themselves in a
      position of responsibility, and are now required to actually get a job
      done - then immediately try to get Whites under their wing, because they
      don't trust their own kind to get the job done. I am watching some
      hillarious things daily... where I work. Its a hoot, and I will write
      about it one day. Its too funny. I am finding it extremely instructive.

      I'm definitely refining my ideas on why Blacks can't work together. In
      fact, from observing them closely, I can now see what they can't see.

      Do you remember Prof Parkinson and "Parkinson's Law" that you rise to
      your level of incompetance? Blacks in Africa are way beyond their levels
      of incompetance, and that's why Africa, including South Africa, are
      doomed to fail ... but more about that on another day...

      Whites defeated the Blacks in the past. It can be done again. In many
      ways, with modern technology, it is actually easier than it was back
      then. One could debate, who has benefitted the most from technology. I
      believe, that if Whites stand together, they would do even better than in
      the past.

      But I think, this time, the Whites must not rule them, but get them out
      of our lives for good. We must not control them. We must not be
      responsible for their failures and their lives. I don't want to be
      punished by God for their failures in life. I just want to be responsible
      for myself. So I say, for our own sake, we should get the hell away from
      them and leave them. They will be at war with each other, killing each
      other for the next thousand years. Watch it. Its coming. Blacks are their
      own worst enemies. There is no doubt about it in my mind. Jan]

      Curse of gold has fuelled slaughter and rape in Congo

      The lure of gold is fuelling major human rights atrocities in the
      Democratic Republic of Congo, Human Rights Watch says in a report
      published today.

      Regional warlords and international companies are among those benefiting
      from access to gold-rich areas while local people suffer ethnic
      slaughter, torture and rape. "Rather than bringing prosperity to the
      people of north-eastern Congo, gold has been a curse to those who have
      the misfortune to live there," the New York-based group said.

      Human Rights Watch alleges that co-operation between one leading gold
      mining company, AngloGold Ashanti, and the murderous Nationalist and
      Integrationist Front (FNI) has provided "meaningful financial aid and
      logistical support" to the FNI leaders, a group responsible for some of
      the bloodiest atrocities in the war-torn region.

      The report into the investigation by Human Right Watch claims that
      AngloGold's links with the FNI have helped the company access the gold
      reserves around the rebel-dominated town of Mongbwalu.

      It is here that the Hema and Lendu ethnic groups fought for control of
      the mines for more than two years, costing the lives of at least two
      thousand civilians.

      The local population, still in the grips of conflict, is at the mercy of
      the armed militia, the report says.

      "We are cursed because of our gold," one miner told HRW. "All we do is
      suffer. There is no benefit to us."

      AngloGold Ashanti denies there is a "working or other relationship with
      the FNI" but admits it has on one occasion yielded to militia extortion
      in Mongbwalu.

      In a statement, the company yesterday said this action was against its
      principles: "That there was a breach of this principle in this instance,
      in that company employees yielded to the militia group FNI's act of
      extortion is regretted," it said. "As soon as it came to our attention,
      we publicly acknowledged it, condemned it and said it would not happen

      "As a company committed to corporate social responsibility, AngloGold
      Ashanti should have waited until it could work in Mongbwalu without
      having to interact with abusive warlords,"HRW Congo researcher, Anneke
      Van Woudenberg, wrote in the report. "Congo desperately needs business
      investment to help rebuild the country, but such business engagement must
      not provide any support to armed groups responsible for crimes against

      The area around Mongbwalu, 30 miles north-west of Bunia, capital of the
      Ituri province, is still firmly in the power of the FNI and there is
      little indication the situation will change soon.

      Since war ended in 2003, the Kinshasa government has failed to establish
      control of the province where self-styled president of the FNI, Floribert
      Njabu, is fully aware of his own power. "The government is never going to
      come to Mongbwalu," he told HRW. "I am the one who gave [AngloGold]
      Ashanti permission to come. I am the boss of Mongbwalu. If I want to
      chase them away, I will."

      HRW tracked millions of pounds worth of "tainted" gold which was
      funnelled out of the country with the aid of local militia during the
      war, most of it ending up in Switzerland.

      The report reveals how a Swiss company, Metalor Technologies, bought the
      gold from Uganda. In a statement to Human Rights Watch, the company said
      it had believed the gold "was of legal origin". It has vowed to never
      purchase gold from Uganda again, a move HRW applauds.

      Source: The Independent (UK)
      URL: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/africa/story.jsp?story=643381
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