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Re: Old Right more: Interview with British MP George Galloway

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  • Stuart Jones
    Greetings Paul, I m an American citizen & I can tell you right now that I agree with you in every respect. The zionist devils are in control of everything.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2005
      Greetings Paul,
      I'm an American citizen & I can tell you right now
      that I agree with you in every respect. The zionist
      devils are in control of everything. They're gonna cut
      the heads off every Christian Fundamentalist,
      Nationalist, Ultranationalist, & Patriot "IF" God
      doesn't move soon. Our government is nothing than a
      bunch of pigs. You remember the Beatles White Album
      from '68? There's a song on it called Piggies. Well,
      take care & I bid you Godspeed.

      Yours Respectfully,
      Stuart Jones

      --- Supreme Law Firm
      <paulandrewmitchell2004@...> wrote:

      > [emphases added] Ed.
      > [Thom Hartmann] Yeah. George Galloway, Member of
      > Parliament in the,
      > in Great Britain, of the House of Commons. Why do
      > you believe that
      > Tony Blair decided to join president Bush in waging
      > war when, as has
      > recently emerged with this Downing Street memo, he
      > knew that the case
      > was flimsy, and do you think that either Blair or
      > Bush or people in
      > their administration should be prosecuted on any, on
      > any level for
      > this activity?
      > [George Galloway] Well, first of all I am sure that
      > they will not be
      > prosecuted, because it is only losers that are
      > prosecuted. In the
      > international system that we have there's no chance
      > of the likes of
      > Henry Kissinger, for example, the greatest living
      > war criminal in the
      > world today with the blood of millions of people in
      > Vietnam and
      > Cambodia and Laos and Chile and East Timor or in
      > many other places on
      > his hands. He will never appear in a court or be
      > behind bars. That's
      > for the tin pot tyrants, the tiny tyrants like
      > Milosevic; they get
      > sent there. The big tyrants never face justice.
      > I wish I knew the answer to your first question, why
      > did Tony Blair
      > join it? Certainly, it's been utterly ruinous to his
      > political
      > reputation. He will, he will be followed into the
      > history books and
      > into the grave with this mark of Cain on his
      > forehead. He will be
      > remembered for nothing other than that he followed
      > George W. Bush
      > over a cliff; took the rest of us with them, and we
      > haven't yet
      > reached the bottom, I'm afraid. All I can say from
      > my own
      > conversations with Mr. Blair, man to man, are that I
      > think that both
      > him and George W. Bush are possessed of a kind of
      > messianic belief
      > that somebody, God perhaps, gave them the job of
      > shouldering the
      > white man's burden, which is the world. That someone
      > gave them the
      > right to step outside of international law; go
      > anywhere, do anything,
      > pay any price in other people's blood, to reshape
      > the world in their
      > image; in the image that they want to see. And I
      > think that both men
      > will be damned in history. Both men have made their
      > respective
      > countries the two most hated countries in the
      > world. They have
      > endangered the lives and safety of our citizens.
      > They have damaged
      > our economic and cultural and social interests, and
      > they should face
      > prosecution, but never will.
      > [/excerpt]
      > Paul Andrew Mitchell
      > <paulandrewmitchell2004@...> wrote:
      > --- In apfn-1@yahoogroups.com, "S.T.Ill Freeman"
      > wrote:
      > Interview with British MP George Galloway
      > Published on Saturday, May 28, 2005 by
      > CommonDreams.org
      > Interview by Thom Hartmann
      > [Thom Hartmann] George Galloway!
      > [Thom Hartmann] Thom Hartmann here with you on AM
      > 620 KPOJ in
      > Portland and we're also going to record this and
      > play it on our
      > national program. Thanks so much, Mr. Galloway for
      > being with us
      > today.
      > [George Galloway] You're most welcome.
      > [Thom Hartmann] First of all, my apologies if I have
      > your title
      > wrong. I'm calling you mister. Is that how?
      > [George Galloway] Mister, mister's more than
      > adequate.
      > [Thom Hartmann] OK. I'm wondering, what is your
      > opinion on the
      > legality of Guantanamo Bay and what do you think of
      > the construction
      > of a death chamber there, which was reported by the
      > BBC yesterday?
      > [George Galloway] Well, it's an utterly illegal
      > process which is
      > being followed. People are being taken, in some
      > cases from third
      > countries. One of the British citizens, for example,
      > was taken from
      > the Gambia. Others have been taken from Pakistan.
      > Others still from,
      > from Afghanistan. They're taken by force, drugs
      > forcibly injected
      > into them, hooded, chained, and taken to a cage in
      > the tropics where
      > by all accounts they're being kept in conditions
      > that you wouldn't
      > keep a dog in in your country or mine. And if you
      > did, you'd be,
      > you'd be had up for cruelty by the authorities.
      > And then there's very clear evidence of systematic
      > torture. There's
      > the desecration of the Koran which may or may not
      > have happened,
      > depending on which edition of Newsweek you are
      > prepared to believe.
      > This is a big scar on the face of the United States.
      > And it seems to
      > me that too few citizens of the United States have
      > fastened on to the
      > fact that the protestations by your president and
      > your government of
      > being interested in human rights and democracy and
      > freedom are quite
      > negated by the very existence of Guantanamo Bay.
      > But of course, that's not the end of it. Bagram Air
      > Base is exactly
      > the same kind of place. Abu Ghraib prison, well we
      > perhaps, on a
      > family show, shouldn't probe too deeply into the
      > disgusting
      > obscenities that were going on there. And, it turns
      > out, that where
      > the United States itself is not prepared to
      > physically torture
      > people, it merely subcontracts out the task; sending
      > people to the
      > likes of Uzbekistan and Egypt and other prison
      > states where less
      > squeamish governments will torture people for the
      > United States and
      > give the U.S. the testimony they get as a result.
      > Which, of course,
      > it goes without saying, is almost never of any use
      > because anyone
      > will say anything under torture.
      > [Thom Hartmann] Yeah.
      > [George Galloway] And all sorts of wild goose chases
      > are no doubt
      > embarked upon as a result of all this. So I'm afraid
      > Guantanamo is a
      > blot on the landscape and the fact that the United
      > States occupies it
      > in Cuba without Cuba's agreement is just the icing
      > on the cake.
      > [Thom Hartmann] Yeah. George Galloway, Member of
      > Parliament in the,
      > in Great Britain, of the House of Commons. Why do
      > you
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