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John Ainsworth on Radio update

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    From: John Ainsworth To: TIGER JA Subject: John Ainsworth on Radio update Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 22:45:15
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      From: "John Ainsworth" <tigerja@...>
      To: "TIGER JA" <tigerja@...>
      Subject: John Ainsworth on Radio update
      Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 22:45:15 -0400

      To All,

      I left off that the program can be heard live on the internet @  http://www.rbnlive.com/listen.html 



      John Ainsworth on Radio May 5th


      John Ainsworth is to be a guest on the National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller on Thursday May 5 @ 5:00-7:00 pm.


      John is presently scheduled to be a standing guest every other Thursday.




      RBN is on C-band satellite, Galaxy 13, Transponder 8, 7.7 Narrowband Audio, Horizontal Polarity,127 degrees west (formerly known as Galaxy 9)


      For short wave listeners the Intel report can be tuned in at 12.160 for the first hour of the program and 7.465 for the second hour of the program.










      National Intel Report
      Host: John Stadtmiller
      Call-in Number: 800-313-9443
      Time: Monday-Friday, 4:00pm - 6:00pm CST

                                              5:00pm-7:00pm Eastern

      John Stadtmiller, one of America's true radio trailblazers with his early creation of "Republic International" (later renamed "Genesis Communications Network"), and now the "Republic Broadcasting Network", the fastest growing truth radio station in the country. John's "National Intel Report" is hard hitting and to the point with information you won't find in the mainstream media. If you believe the Constitution is the law of the land, but sense that something is seriously wrong in our country, then listen to the "National Intel Report" for the best guests, news and information!

      800-313-9443 On-Air Call-in Number

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