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S.Africa: The Gravy Train in High Gear: Reverse Racism, Mega-Salaries

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    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [As it is, Mbeki is getting much more money than any White President ever did - and they did a far better job of managing this
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [As it is, Mbeki is getting much more money than any White President ever
      did - and they did a far better job of managing this country. But look at
      this unbelievable extravagance in Cape Town - since the ANC took control.

      Don't think these salaries tell the whole story. A friend of mine, who
      has connections in the ANC once told me that it was common for normal
      officials to have cell phones, where they ran up bills of thousands of
      Rands per month. I am sure they get money out of the system in 1001 ways
      - claiming all manner of real and imaginery expenses.

      If we knew what they really earned and stole out of the system, we would
      probably faint from sheer shock. Yet, the country is slowly being run
      into the ground. I take heart at the thought that slowly, they are
      digging their own graves and inviting reconquest one day. Let them abuse
      the system, because through their own actions they are digging their own
      graves. Jan]

      Trade unions say they are poised to "go to war" with Cape Town mayor
      Nomaindia Mfeketo over shocking "gravy train" salary increases for her
      top managers.

      Her "All Black" team of executive directors are earning packages of
      between R900,000 and R1,3-million a year.

      The nine-member executive director group, known officially as the Ikhwezi
      (morning star) team but dubbed unofficially the "All Blacks" by purged
      staff, sees seven of the posts being filled by Nguni-speaking black

      This move has been called "reverse racism" by Mfeketo's own African
      National Congress caucus.

      'How do people justify earning more than President Thabo Mbeki?'
      Another question being asked by Mfeketo's ANC "comrades" is just how much
      city manager Wallace Mgoqi is taking home in the revised salary

      He declined to comment on the new salary structures, or to divulge his
      salary, but it is thought to be on a par with that of President Thabo
      Mbeki, who earned R960 000 last year, excluding perks.

      However, the new top management appointments come at a time of brewing
      controversy over the city's jobs-restructuring Validation and Review

      This team of consultants was appointed at private sector rates of between
      R1 500 to R2 500 an hour on a full-time basis for at least six months - a
      minimum of R1,4-million.

      Anger over the City of Cape Town's staff restructuring process is also
      reaching boiling point over the sidelining of loyal staff.

      Senior staff members allege they are being "treated like dogs", after
      being told casually, sometimes by email, rumour and innuendo, that they
      must vacate their offices to accommodate the city's new top team.

      Cosatu provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich described the new city
      salaries as "scandalous" and vowed that the unions would go to war with
      the city.

      "How do people justify earning more than President Thabo Mbeki?" he fumed
      on Monday.

      "We welcome the transformation of the staff and hopefully of the focus of
      the council."

      "However, we are extremely concerned that, if anything, we are increasing
      the apartheid wage gap - the gap between management and the general
      categories of employees who are the people who actually do the work in
      the administration."

      He said the "huge salaries" appeared to be just part of "the broader
      process of enrichment and building a black elite at the cost of black
      working class families".

      He said if self-enrichment was the city management team's main priority,
      then "we are really concerned about where we are going in the city and
      the country".

      Big Earners

      The director of revenue's package increases from R500,000 a year to

      The director of external relations will earn R688,000 a year, up from

      The director of marketing and communication goes from R493,000 a year to

      The director of governance support gets R688,000 a year, up from

      The director of city police services will go from R550,000 a year to

      The director of human settlement will earn R760,000 a year, up from

      The director of tourism and development goes from R411,000 a year to

      The director of innovation, information and knowledge management is up
      from R327,478 a year to R549,000.

      This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Argus on May 03,

      Source: Independent Online (IOL)

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