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The Afrikaner's most deadly & bloody pursuit: Self-Rule

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    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org Over the years I have mentioned on odd occasions that a portion of Afrikanerdom (maybe 1/3rd of all Afrikaners?) have been trying
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      Over the years I have mentioned on odd occasions that a portion of
      Afrikanerdom (maybe 1/3rd of all Afrikaners?) have been trying to get
      their own White country for the last 20 years. Even though I mentioned it
      in passing, I never really concentrated on the idea, its practicality or
      its implications.

      I must admit that I never fully grasped some of what this pursuit would

      In my book, Government by Deception, I did mention that I did not believe
      that we Afrikaners will get so much as 1 grain of sand from the (ANC)
      Blacks... ever! I mentioned how General Viljoen formed the Freedom Front
      and abandoned an Afrikaner Armed struggle in favour of trying to get the
      Afrikaner Country peacefully via negotiation. I mentioned how he resigned
      in frustration after 7 years in parliament. He even negotiated with
      Mandela, and eventually gave up in disgust and said so in a very moving
      speech in parliament when he finally walked out.

      The Afrikaner pursuit for their own country continues to this day, and
      many Afrikaners intellectuals struggle with this idea constantly -
      including my good friend Dr Chris Jordaan.

      I would like to make some comments of my own on this Afrikaner desire.

      Firstly, the Afrikaner pursuit of self-rule is largely ignored in the
      mass media in South Africa. It hardly ever gets a mention, even though
      the Freedom Front is a political party with seats in parliament. The
      Freedom Front's express purpose for existing is solely to work towards an
      Afrikaner country. This is a "no no" type of subject in South Africa.

      Secondly, Afrikaners mention the concept of "self-rule" in a very quiet
      way. They are all very quiet, very proper and very gentlemanly about the
      entire pursuit. Nobody gets all irritated. Nobody threatens the ANC. The
      whole subject really seems a lot like a game of cricket... all very
      gentlemanly and cultured - on both sides - both the Afrikaners and the

      Yet, underneath this veneer of culture, lies a subject that is
      exceedingly explosive. I would go so far as to say that NO IDEA or
      concept in South Africa is potentially as dangerous and explosive as the
      Afrikaner Homeland idea. Now that I have had my own experiences with
      Blacks in the political world, I am utterly convinced that the Afrikaner
      Homeland idea, if ever pursued seriously, would result in response from
      Blacks that is extremely violent and forceful. I don't believe that
      Mandela or any of the other Black leaders ever had anything but contempt
      for the idea. When Mandela negotiated with General Viljoen, I am certain
      he had no intention of giving General Viljoen one grain of sand, nor
      ANYTHING else. Indeed, as events proved, he strung General Viljoen along
      for 7 years and gave the Afrikaners nothing.

      My understanding of the Afrikaner Homeland idea is that Afrikaners want a
      Homeland, inside South Africa, where they can rule themselves. They don't
      want to secede from South Africa. They want a White homeland (akin to the
      Black homelands - Bantustans - they once set up for the blacks). They
      just want autonomy within their own region. They don't want to live in a
      separate country from the Blacks... or at least that is not what they
      dare ask for openly.

      So in short, the Afrikaner demands will not cause South Africa to be
      broken up. What they are asking is the equivalent of what they had
      already given the Blacks under Apartheid. Now that the situation is
      completely reversed they are asking for a "White Bantustan". It is not an
      unreasonable demand.

      Yet, the ANC will never give them so much as one grain of sand...

      I think that there is no idea that gives the ANC the creeps like this
      Afrikaner Homeland idea. I also think that there is no idea the ANC will
      kick against like this one. I think the chance of Afrikaners getting
      anything... is... LESS THAN NOTHING!!! I believe, that if the Afrikaners
      were patient and negotiated with the ANC for a 100 years... that they
      will get absolutely nowhere.

      What few people may realise is this: That the EU has a definition for
      what constitutes a NATION. Because so many different countries and
      nationalities exist within the EU, they developed a definition of what
      exactly is a "nation". Among the points in this definition are the
      1. A valid historical claim to land which they once ruled.
      2. A unique language of their own.
      3. A culture of their own.

      Afrikaners who have studied the EU definition of what constitutes a
      "nation" tell me that they fulfill ALL THE EU CRITERIA for being a
      validly recognised nation.

      I believe that Afrikaners have no hope in hell of getting a Homeland, no
      matter how "weak" it may be. No matter how few powers or how little true
      independance it may have. I just can't see the Blacks in South Africa, or
      even Africa as a whole allowing it - not now - not ever.

      The extreme violence and force with which Blacks will kill this idea may
      not be apparent to people, because of the gentlemanly way in which
      Afrikaners have pursued, and continue to pursue this idea.

      It is my belief that if Afrikaners ever got fedup and decided to act on
      their own, they would be on the receiving end of a violence the likes of
      which has never been seen before.

      During my sojurn with the Black Zimbabweans some years back, at one
      point, Jay Jay Sibanda was questioned by the ANC Intelligence Dept, and
      was told in no uncertain terms: "We do no like White people getting
      involved in politics." These statements were made with reference to my
      activitives in support of Blacks who were against Mugabe.

      It is my view that the ANC will only tolerate Whites in politics up to a
      certain point. There are many areas in politics in South Africa where
      there is an unwritten rule to the effect: NO WHITES ALLOWED HERE!

      Self rule... is one of those places.

      What I am trying to emphasise is that although this whole self-rule idea
      has been pursued for a long time... (even under Apartheid believe it or
      not)... it is potentially a NUCLEAR BOMB in South African politics. I
      think one could liken it to the attempted cessession of the South during
      the American Civil war. I believe, any attempt to establish a "White
      homeland" in any forceful way, will be met with an instant declaration of
      war by Blacks... and very possibly... with attempted genocide of
      Afrikaners (and Whites in general)... in an INSTANT.

      So where to for the Afrikaner?

      Here are my thoughts:-
      1. I think it is wrong for Afrikaners to think in terms of a "Homeland".
      Even though a "Homeland" is less threatening, less "free" than an
      independant White country... Blacks will *NEVER* accept it. I think
      Afrikaners must instead pursue: An Independant White Country - which is
      not a part of South Africa or in any way under ANC/Black jurisdiction. In
      other words: Fully blown cessession. Either path will be equally
      difficult, so Afrikaners might as well go for Full-freedom instead of

      2. Show me any nation on earth (except a tiny handful of exceptions),
      which came into existence without bloodshed. I concede exceptions like
      Liberia, for example. But these are the exceptions. 99.9% of independant
      nations on Earth came into existence in one way only: Through bloodshed.
      Many nations only became established not through one war... but through
      SEVERAL WARS. Some had to fight on and on for their existence until their
      enemies finally accepted their existence.

      To sum up: Though Afrikaners are very gentlemanly and cultured about the
      whole thing, I believe, they will never get so much as one grain of sand
      until the day when that sand is stained red with blood.

      I do believe that Afrikaners are also in no hurry because they are
      watching the ANC ruling South Africa, and I am sure that consensus among
      them is that the ANC will weaken South Africa and consequently ITSELF...
      and in time to come, when the ANC is weaker, Afrikaners may be able to
      make their move. So Afrikaners may be wisely biding their time, waiting
      for the moment when they believe it is opportune to act.

      So just because Afrikaners are not jumping up and down in frustration at
      the moment does not mean that one day, they won't be much more aggressive
      about the whole thing. And when that day comes... you will see an
      explosion in South African politics the likes of which has never been
      seen before.

      Now it could be that the ANC itself fears such a day and that the ANC
      will work day and night to strengthen itself and to head off such an

      But to return to the whole Afrikaner Homeland thing... and achieving it.
      I don't believe it is an easy thing to do at all. I believe that to
      achieve it will require tremendous willpower, tremendous determination...
      and above all... TREMENDOUS COURAGE and SACRIFICE. I don't believe this
      Afrikaner dream can come true without many people dying in the process.

      And if the Afrikaners ever achieve it, I don't believe they will be left
      alone in peace for one minute either. I believe that like Israel... they
      will have to be ready to fight 24/7... in defence of whatever they

      I am not being negative about the whole concept. Indeed, I am quite keen
      on the whole idea these days. I have become a full convert to this idea.
      I just want to make it clear to people that I don't think it can be
      attained in a peaceful manner at all. All of history is filled with
      examples of peoples trying to break away to form their own state.

      I would like to mention the concept of Right Wing terror in this regard.
      The Far Right, who have dreamed of this idea, have accepted that
      attaining it won't be easy and that blood must flow or else it won't
      happen. Thus it was that the Far Right was prepared to engage in Right
      Wing terrror.

      I am not going into a military analysis of Right Wing terror and why I
      believe it is completely doomed to failure. I don't believe that Right
      Wing terror will in any way help the Afrikaner forward. Indeed, I believe
      it may well hinder the Afrikaner cause.

      It is my view that if Afrikaners want to establish a state one day, that
      they will have to do it in a proper military manner. They would need to
      form a proper army which will engage in a series of battles to create
      this state. Such an action would of course result in an immediate race
      war and civil war of the bloodiest kind.

      How does one create a fully blown army out of nothing if you don't have a
      state, or funds? Well, its nigh impossible. If it was easy, everyone
      would be doing it. But in reality, it is an extremely difficult task...
      and maybe even impossible to a certain degree. Yet... I believe the
      creation of a proper Afrikaner Army would be a prerequisite for any
      Afrikaner state to stand even the slightest chance of coming into being.

      The only positive comment I can make is this: If Afrikaners want to
      establish an Independent State then it probably CANNOT be done without
      the support of at least two or more other countries in the world. Only
      Governments have the sort of power which can really aid people to create
      military forces.

      The Blacks in Africa did not run their wars by themselves. Without the
      generous sponsorship of the Soviet Union, China and Warsaw Pact nations,
      the Blacks would have achieved NOTHING. The same applies to Afrikaners.
      Without support... most probably from Europe since their kith and kin
      originate from: Holland, Belgium, Germany and France - Afrikaners stand
      no chance. They can very possibly get some sort of support from Australia
      and New Zealand too one day.

      This leads me to my final points about achieving an independant White
      Afrikaner State in Africa:-
      1. All negotiation with the ANC will be completely futile and as a matter
      of principle should not be done - for many reasons.

      2. As experience has proved, the Zulus (and possibly the Coloureds) might
      be supportive of the idea since the Zulus might want their own Homeland
      (and the Coloureds would probably jump at a chance to get away from ANC

      3. Apart from the Zulus and Coloureds, all further negotiation on the
      African continent will be completely futile and counter-productive. All
      other negotiation must therefore take place, most likely in Europe, but
      also with certain parties in the USA, Australia and probably New Zealand.

      4. If Zulus, Afrikaners and Coloureds formed a united front on the
      matter, and engaged in such foreign negotiations as a group - they might
      make a lot more headway faster.

      5. Expect all hell from the ANC if they find out any of this is going
      on!!! BUT... for any headway to be made, the ANC would have to be ignored
      as much as possible - to the bitter end.

      In closing: Afrikaner (and White Political Freedom) cannot be attained
      with out a lot of sacrifice and courage. It will be a hideous road to
      walk... and it is not for the faint-hearted. Chances are, once it is
      attempted, relations between Whites and the Blacks will be beyond repair.

      My view of course is that the long term result will be well-worth it...
      no matter how horrific the path to it may be. In my view, this would be
      the "final solution" to our problems of trying to co-exist with Blacks.
      We have tried it for 350 years, and I think its time to call it quits and
      move on. We should just go it alone... because in the end, we will be
      much better off. Without us, the Blacks will collapse anyway, and then
      they will be less of a threat to us.

      For those who do not see the positive military/security benefits of such
      a solution... well they should ponder it. As I said in my book, living
      among Blacks, where we are outnumbered, and surrounded, is truly
      dangerous and opens us up to terrorism and murder. But once we are
      separated from them inside a country with defensible borders (preferably
      chosen according to terrain - e.g. Rivers and mountains)... defending
      ourselves will be a peace of cake and we will be MUCH SAFER than we would
      ever be living among the Blacks where we can be murdered off one by one.
      The benefits of having one's own territory with one's own defence force
      are inumerable.

      The ANC is busy DISARMING US... and criminals are murdering us off.
      Historically tribes and nations have fought for their own territory
      mainly because that is the best way of achieving SAFETY. And let's be
      frank... we are extremely unsafe. We are living in a country which is 8
      times as violent as the world average - and most of that violence is
      aimed at US. We should begin thinking in terms of DEFENDING OURSELVES.

      Even if we were permanently at war with the ANC, we would probably lose
      less people then than we do nowadays by living amidst them. Think about

      Consider this: There are 4 million Israeli Jews... which is close to the
      number of Whites in South Africa. In a fully-blown war, like the 1967
      6-day war, the Israelis lost a total of only a few hundred men. In the
      October 1973 war where they were caught off guard their total losses were
      less than 3,000 people. The Israelis are up against 100 million
      enemies... and yet they lost less people in FULLY BLOWN WARS... than are
      murdered in South Africa in 1 month. Think about it.

      1,600 White farmers have been murdered in South Africa in the last 11
      years. How many White farmers do you think would be murdered if they were
      safely behind borders protected by our own army? I'd bet 1/10th of that
      amount or less.

      Here we all are... moaning about safety, cringing from masses of violent,
      armed criminals, yet, this is precisely the reasons other tribes and
      nations sought independance in the past. It is not only about Freedom and
      the God-given right to choose one's own future - it is also about
      PROTECTING OURSELVES. We have a God-given right to self defence too.

      There are many benefits to having our own country, but I have never seen
      anyone sit down and spell out the plusses. In my view, the concept has
      just not been marketed in detail. If it were... there would probably be a
      lot more converts to the idea.

      If the benefits of a White country were marketed by spelling out:-
      1. The financial benefits of being free of a majority of Black Socialist
      Freeloaders who will tax, steal and drive us into poverty.

      2. How many lives would be SAVED, if we were able to protect ourselves?
      How many women and children would be saved from savage rape, torture and
      death? How many of the lives of our own people would be saved from the
      needless savagery of violent Black criminals?

      If thousands of us are going to be murdered annually ANYWAY... Why not
      take a chance on war? Why die needlessly when one could instead DIE FOR A
      CAUSE? Why let women and little children be murdered... when grown men
      could rather die on the battlefield trying to make it safer for them? I
      am convinced that the deaths resulting from trying to get away from ANC
      rule will be no worse than facing a slow, long, drawn-out genocide.
      Indeed, when the body count is finally added up in the end, I'm willing
      to bet we'll lose less lives that way anyway.

      They want to disarm us and let the violent criminals kill us off one by
      one. Why let them have it that easy?

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