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Michael Jackson is worse than we think...

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  • pbs@iafrica.com
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [Ten years ago, I watched and followed the O.J. Simpson trial in fascination. I watched as much of the actual trial as I could. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [Ten years ago, I watched and followed the O.J. Simpson trial in
      fascination. I watched as much of the actual trial as I could. I was
      totally floored when that stupid jury let the bugger off the hook. I
      couldn't believe a jury could be so stupid. I hope that Americans learned
      something about their "icon". Now... we have "sqeaky clean"... Michael
      Jackson on trial... and it looks like it is going to be another one, just
      as attention-grabbing as the OJ one. I am curious to see, if another
      great black icon will be found wanting... Americans seem to live in a
      dreamworld where they believe anything Black is GOOD and that black
      people are purity itself. Maybe... its time they saw just how flawed some
      of these black icons of theirs really are. Of course... in the same
      breath... it will bring up the whole racial thing. Once more... I would
      like to see how people react, ten years later. Can White Americans handle
      the truth about some of the blacks they have WORSHIPPED, or will they
      prefer to deny the truth... and just let them off the hook?

      For me, an outsider, it was so obvious that OJ was guilty. And all
      subsequent testimony only served to show this being so. But there was
      this insane love of all things black, and a total overemphasis of how
      fantastic black people are. Black people are definitely way OVERRATED!! I
      hope that the stature of blacks takes a tumble... and that White
      Americans see blacks in a more realistic light... instead of just fawning
      and worshipping everything they do... while forgetting that certain
      things from our culture are maybe better. It appears to me, White people
      are so directionless when it comes to culture these days, that they want
      to adopt anything TRIBAL, or AFRICAN... And they have completely
      forgotten about the many White accomplishments which are being ignored
      and forgotten in the meantime.

      As someone who has lived among the "tribal types" all his life, I am only
      too aware of the achievements of White people which we have to be proud
      of... and I think Whites outside Africa are insane for their extreme love
      of tribal things. I equate tribal things with backwardness, stupidity and
      abject failure, and hence, I *NEVER* would aspire to dressing like
      blacks, adopting their culture or looking like them. I can happily
      interact with them when I need to, but I don't need to change into one of
      them in order to do so. Nor do I want to be like them. Yet... I am aghast
      to see White American children dressing like blacks, trying to behave in
      the same (lame) manner as blacks and talking in the stupid way that
      blacks do.

      Isn't it interesting... that in a mixed society... it is clear that many
      blacks can't rise to our level... so instead... we descend to their
      level... We become shabby, and undisciplined, and anti-intellectual...
      just like them... White Children then aspire to becoming stupid and
      inarticulate. Amazing!!

      An American sent me an email saying that Michael Jackson is much worse
      than we think... but he wasn't sure if it would all come out in this
      trial... It will be fascinating to see... Jan]

      This is LONDON
      01/02/05 - Showbiz! section

      Jacko's ex-wife to reveal all in court
      By Alexa Baracaia, Evening Standard

      Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe has agreed to be a star witness
      against the singer during his child molestation trial.

      Ms Rowe, 37, was married to Jackson for three years and is mother of his
      children Prince and Paris. But she has now formally been added to the
      state's list of witnesses.

      Insiders say her testimony is likely to "blow the lid" off Jackson's
      bizarre lifestyle.

      Since the allegations of child abuse first surfaced, the former nurse has
      filed to regain custody of their children.

      She was said to have signed all rights over to Jackson after their 1999
      divorce, in a settlement that saw her receive an annual $1million alimony
      payment and a home in Beverly Hills.

      It is not yet known whether Jackson's first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, to
      whom he was married between 1994 and 1996, will also take the stand.

      Jackson is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit extortion,
      false imprisonment and child abduction, four counts of child molestation,
      one count of attempted child molestation and four counts of furnishing an
      intoxicant for purposes of committing a felony.

      The singer was last night said to be at his Neverland Ranch, 30 miles
      from the courthouse in Santa Maria, California, after his brief
      appearance for the first day of the trial during which the fourweek
      process of jury selection began.

      Jackson, dressed completely in white, had watched intently as Judge
      Rodney Melville considered the first batch of 314 potential jurors.

      Of those, 176 said they did not want to serve, but only three - all
      heavily pregnant - have been released so far.

      There is also growing concern over the fact that the applicants are
      almost all white.

      Only three of the potential jurors who have appeared so far are African
      American, compared with the 29 white men, 26 white women, nine Hispanic
      men and five Hispanic women.

      Jackson denies the charges but if found guilty could face 24 years in

      Source: ThisIsLondon
      URL: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/showbiz/articles/16293334?version=1

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