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Russias games in the Middle East

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    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [Who knows what secret portions of the deals were not made public. We do know about the sale of missiles to Syria. But... the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [Who knows what secret portions of the deals were not made public. We do
      know about the sale of missiles to Syria. But... the Palestinians might,
      through Gaza, be able to import weaponry directly from Russia. The
      Russians are troublemakers. They were troublemakers in Africa, and now
      they are playing in the Middle East. Keep watching their support of
      dictators and terrorists and any anti-Western/Anti-Israeli forces there.
      The Russians are lying when they pretend to be part of the peace process.
      Their concept of peace will be the surrender of Israel. Jan]

      Abu Mazen Returns To Base February 2, 2005

      Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

      Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen - his adopted Terrorist nickname) has
      returned to Russia to visit his trainers. This is the man who wrote his
      thesis in the Soviet Union that the Holocaust was merely a fable. This is
      the man who Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has started to support - with

      It is instructive to note that Abu Mazen returns to meet Vladimir Putin,
      Russia�s President now, but formerly high in their KGB. Putin himself has
      started to return to his KGB days and Cold War attitudes.

      Abu Mazen follows a four day visit by Bashar Assad, President of Syria,
      cutting a deal for Russia supplies SS-18 Missiles (that we know about)!
      Clearly, itis time to once again re-target Russia with our own ICBMs as
      Putin deploys new Ballistic Missiles.

      What does Abu Mazen want from his former and present handlers of the
      Soviet Union - now Russia? What weapons will he request once there is an
      open Airport in Gaza and Sea Terminals? Will he get artillery, missiles,
      armor and shoulder-fired missiles - all shipped out in the open - thanks
      to Sharon.

      With the first major attacks by the Arab Muslim Palestinians against
      Israeli cities which should be followed by dismissing the Israeli
      government. This should be followed by mass arrests of top Government
      officials of both Likud and the Labor Parties - for treason. Trials to
      follow but, in the interim, enforced detention to insure those
      responsible are cut off from communicating with either the Palestinians
      or such foreign nations with whom they have been working...under the

      In the meantime, the Left Liberal Press in Israel, the U.S., Foreign
      Media are gleefully cheering a few days of seeming quiet, although there
      have been numerous mortar and Kassem Rockets attacks - not worth
      reporting. Several weeks of arranged quiet, in order to push the
      Sharon-Bush evacuation is a typical betrayal of Jews. When Arab Muslim
      Terrorists are quiet for 5, 10 or 50 years only then can one say there is
      a possible opportunity for peace.

      Abu Mazen�s short-term agreement with his Hamas, Islamic Jihad,
      Hezb�Allah, Tanzim, Fatah Terrorists is merely grim humor as the
      Jew-hating Media puts out cheerful stories of how the Jihadists have
      shown their peaceful side.

      Serendipity: As I was penning these thoughts, my friend Murray Kahl sent
      me the following:


      Israeli & Global News

      January 31, 2005


      MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia pledged its "active" support for the Palestinians
      amid growing signs of a revival in the long-dormant Middle East peace
      process as visiting Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas voiced "high hopes"
      Moscow would advance the drive to restart peace talks.

      "You are the recognized leader of the Palestinian people and we will
      actively support you," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Abbas
      in front of reporters after the two held talks.

      Speaking afterwards at the Kremlin where he held a meeting with Russian
      President Vladimir Putin (news - web sites), Abbas said there was now a
      "historic" opportunity to rekindle the Middle East peace process and said
      Russia had a decisive role to play in doing so.

      "There is a historic chance to bring about peace in the region," Abbas

      "Russia's support in bilateral relations and in the framework of the
      quartet will be of decisive neimportance in establishing a universal and
      stable peace in the Middle East," the Palestinian leader said in remarks
      spoken in Arabic and translated into Russian by an interpreter.

      Putin said he hoped Abbas would succeed in implementing measures needed
      to improve the Palestinian-Israeli relationship and bolster the
      Palestinian economy.

      "We are ready to cooperate with you and the international community in an
      active way to resolve these issues," Putin said.

      Abbas underscored that his decision to travel to Moscow before visiting
      the United States or the European Union (news - web sites) was deliberate
      and said the Palestinians "have placed high hopes in Russia advancing the
      peace process."

      Abbas' trip to Moscow came as Israeli media reported that Prime Minister
      Ariel Sharon (news - - web sites) was deliberate and said the
      Palestinians "have placed high hopes in Russia advancing the peace

      Abbas' trip to Moscow came as Israeli media reported that Prime Minister
      Ariel Sharon's (news - web sites) top advisors were to meet Monday in
      Washington with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites)
      to discuss prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.

      Rice was scheduled to travel to the region February 6 and 7 and an
      Israeli official said a summit between Sharon and Abbas could take place
      the week beginning February 6, coinciding with Rice's trip.

      Moscow, a member of the Middle East "quartet," enjoyed close relations in
      Soviet times with the Palestinians and other Arab states but its
      influence in the region has dwindled since the break-up of the Soviet

      Analysts said Russia, which has also developed warm relations with Israel
      since then, was examining various ways to reassert its interests in the
      Middle East and elsewhere, and Abbas' visit marked Putin's first direct
      engagement in the peace process in four years.

      "The main goal of the Palestinian visitor is to obtain Russia's support
      in anticipation of difficult negotiations with the Israelis," the
      respected centrist daily Izvestia said Monday.

      "But the question remains open: Is Moscow ready at this time to support
      the representative of the late Arafat -- not just with words but with
      concrete deeds?" the paper added, referring to the former Palestinian
      leader Yasser Arafat (news - web sites). Both the Palestinians and
      Israelis have taken several critical steps towards resuming peace talks
      since Arafat's death.

      On Sunday, tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated against their
      government's plans to pull out of the Gaza Strip (news - web sites), as
      officials announced the army could pull back from several West Bank towns
      within days.

      Abbas has also secured an unofficial "cooling down" period from
      Palestinian militant leaders but wants Israel to reciprocate by ending
      military operations and starting to release Palestinian prisoners so that
      he can cement a full ceasefire
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