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Did France try to kill an African leader?

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  • pbs@iafrica.com
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [This is really funny. The egalitarian French... unlike the British... spent a lot of time just letting blacks in Africa do what
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2005
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      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [This is really funny. The egalitarian French... unlike the British...
      spent a lot of time just letting blacks in Africa do what they want. The
      French treated them - like EQUALS - and are now paying the price for
      this. In the early years of black rule... the French gave any crazy
      black... anything he wanted. Thus some black sergeant suddenly decided
      that his tin pot kingdom was an EMPIRE... and changed it accordingly...
      Then he went and got white horses, carriages, etc from the French...
      built palaces and had a lot of fun... being quite mad and indulging in
      various insanity.

      But... as the years have gone by... the French... have tried to keep some
      form of standards in their ex-colonies (which is akin to spitting into
      the wind!)... and are finding out how difficult it is to deal with the

      So now... can you believe... we have, what some have described as a
      "colonial war" raging in 2005. Amazing? The French are now finding things
      going from bad to worse... with these blacks... Several weeks ago... the
      French actually wiped out the entire airforce of the Ivory Coast... and
      that unleashed anti-French violence.

      So I'm having a chuckle. The French were too chummy with the crazy
      blacks... and now... as the decades have gone by... the French are being
      drawn into the madness that is Africa. Blacks are crazy... and
      eventually... this will become a black/white thing, even though the
      French never believed in that sort of approach. Such is Africa... a
      continent... where madness is the norm... and if you try to deal
      rationally with these people for long enough... insanity will be paying
      you a visit... For they are a crazy people... and their madness and lies
      will engulf you... UNLESS... you do like the British, Germans and
      Afrikaners did - and you stamp your own authority on them. Remember... Dr
      Schweitzer said... you must maintain your authority... otherwise... they
      will engulf you... And the French... are slowly being engulfed... Vive La
      France!! Jan]

      Abidjan - French peacekeepers in Ivory Coast denounced on Monday as a
      "crude rumour without any base in truth" information in the
      pro-government media that their troops had attempted to kill President
      Laurent Gbagbo.

      The Notre Voie (Our Path) daily linked to Gbagbo's ruling Ivorian Popular
      Front party charged that French troops tried to assassinate Gbagbo on
      Saturday at Abidjan's airport by shooting down his plane when he was
      leaving for the African Union summit in Nigeria.

      The French peacekeeping contingent said the paper had turned a small
      misunderstanding into a "fantasy".

      The Reporters Without Borders media rights group has repeatedly
      criticised the Ivorian government-controlled media for encouraging a
      climate of hate and encouraging the riots against foreigners last year.

      Gbagbo, has repeatedly accused the French, who helped broker a peace deal
      to end a rebellion two years ago, of working against his regime. - AFP

      Source: Independent Online (IOL)
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