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S.Africa: Witchcraft murder case withdrawn... no evidence

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  • pbs@iafrica.com
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [I m suspicious about this one... Normally... blacks have a pretty good idea of what s going on in their communities. Why did
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [I'm suspicious about this one... Normally... blacks have a pretty good
      idea of what's going on in their communities. Why did blacks go and
      attack this old couple for the killing of 5 children? Now... the justice
      system says there is no evidence... etc... Many times... local
      communities know who is the guilty party.

      You would be amazed how easily blacks can find out who is a criminal in
      their own neighbourhood if they want to. There is a local black-owned
      security company which works in this way. Sometimes they can catch a
      black criminal and even return the stolen goods WITHIN A MATTER OF
      HOURS!!! And they operate simply by having connections among the black

      So I find this particular instance puzzling and wonder if there is a
      cover-up here... because maybe, like baby raping, etc - the Government
      doesn't like the message that comes out of Witchcraft [Muti] killings -
      and this particular one is a very ugly one... 5 children dead...
      According to the local community... parts were cut off the children...
      etc. Jan]

      Charges against an elderly couple accused of murdering five children at
      Molomini reserve near Tugela Ferry in January were withdrawn in the
      Tugela Ferry magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

      Pietermaritzburg's chief prosecutor Advocate Andrew Loubscher said
      charges were withdrawn against Mabona Ngcobo, 70, and his wife Gwilile,
      65 "because there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the

      Loubscher said: "They have not been acquitted. Obviously investigations
      will continue and we are still awaiting results of tests.

      "Depending on the availability of evidence we may reconsider, but at this
      stage there is not sufficient evidence to continue with the case."

      'There is not sufficient evidence to continue with the case'
      The couple were arrested two weeks ago after the children's bodies were
      found in an abandoned car at the couple's home. The badly decomposed
      bodies had blisters on them.

      Last Friday, the preliminary post mortem on the children showed they were
      not killed for muti, as had been suspected.

      KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Superintendent Vish Naidoo said the
      actual cause of death of the children had not yet been established.

      "Toxicology tests have been conducted on the children and we are awaiting
      the results.

      "According to the post mortem report and contrary to unfounded
      speculation that the children were victims of a muti killing, it was
      established that the children had neither sustained any physical injuries
      or lacerations, nor were there any body parts missing from them," he

      The victims are three-year-old Sisanda Khanyile, his sister Nonzimelelo,
      5, and their friends Thabani Sokhela, 5, Simiso Nhlangulela, 3, and
      Lindeliwe Dladla, 5.

      The children were buried at a joint funeral last week.

      Residents started looking for the children after they did not return home
      from play on January 22.

      The couple's home was in the meantime been burned by angry residents. -

      Source: Independent Online (IOL)

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