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Fearless Declaration of Patriotic Principles & Noble Determinations to save USA

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  • celestial_shamanka
    (If Eagle spirit moves you after reading the following -- please forward this message to all of our American Eagle Spirit brothers and sisters ) Hello
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      (If Eagle spirit moves you after reading the following -- please
      forward this message to all of our "American Eagle Spirit brothers
      and sisters")

      Hello Friends,

      I received this inspiring and fearless declaration of true
      patriotic principles and noble determinations today on my Global
      Media Lightning Headlines news list. Most of my friends know I am a
      practicing celestial shamanka (female shaman - astrologer) -- and
      after reading the following noble statements below, it occurred to me
      that an Internet spirit-drumming circle could be a way to keep "Eagle
      spirit alive" during these uncertain times.

      This simply means – that if you read and agree with these
      principles, then light a candle and play or listen to a drumming
      or "spirit calling music" and silently chant w/ Quiet Bear:

      I will not cower in fear of being watched or followed.
      I will not cower in fear for defending the Constitution from all
      enemies, foreign OR domestic.
      I will not live in fear of being arrested for what
      I know is the right thing to do.
      I will not be silent.
      I will not be careful.
      I will not live in fear. Period.

      Please do not waste your time, in warning me to be careful in the
      defense of the Constitution. Please do not waste your time, in
      warning me to be careful in exposing those in the current regime that
      are responsible for the heinous acts that were committed against this
      country on 9-11.

      If I am taken, arrested, accused or made to look like I committed
      suicide (which for the record, I will never, ever do on my own!), I
      know that others will stand in my place.

      Everyone that reads this email (all of you alphabets, FBI, CIA, HSD,
      NSA, NSC, DOJ, included) know that we are living under the rule of a
      tyrant that does everything that he can, to bring all of this world
      under his rule of tyranny. Right now, I am concerned with the fate of
      my country. I know that we will win this war, no matter what name you
      put on it. I know that we will stop this madness soon.

      I am not afraid. I am angry.
      I am not fearful. I am forthright.
      I am not a criminal. I am a Patriot.
      I know now, that I was not born in a free country.

      I know that it has been under the rule of foreign powers, since at
      least 1913, if not before.
      But, I will die in a free country. This country. The United States of

      If you are part of the alphabet government groups, I ask that you
      re-read your oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies. Then,
      I ask that you affirm this oath that you solemnly swore to uphold. If
      you are a person that has never taken this oath, I ask that you do so
      No one has to hear it, but you. You, are who counts.

      I don't know if I, alone can make a difference, but that does not
      deter me in my personal mission to do as I have stated many times
      I do know that together, we can defeat this domestic enemy of the
      Constitution. Unity is the answer. Fear is not an option.
      Give me Liberty or give me... Oh, screw that! Give me Liberty,
      dammit! NOW!
      Thank You for your time...Love,
      quietbeartribe@... (QuietBear)
      Michael "QuietBear" Gibbons

      The above original message appeared on my yahoo news group, GMLH from
      an unknown spirit brother whose name is Michael Gibbons. I do not
      personally know Michael Gibbons – yet I immediately recognized my
      spirit in my brother Michael's spirit by the absolute, positive &
      fearless attitude he possesses in these tyrannical and dark fascists
      times that have eclipsed the innate `righteousness' of our nation's
      soul (if not the world soul)

      I am in 100% accord with what I am now titling as:
      Michael's "declaration of true patriotic principles and noble
      determinations" to keep the spirit of Liberty alive and meaningful
      for all in spite of the seamless fascist takeover of our
      constitutional republic by these "foreign banking - corporate
      invaders". For this reason -- I plan to endorse these "noble
      determinations" by forwarding his native - patriotic declaration far
      and wide - and to call to all of my "sincere patriot - warrior spirit
      buddies" to join in continuing spirit w/ the Great Spirit daily (and
      nightly) ongoing drumming circle of the "X-tribe" as we drum for
      VICTORY over tyranny, PEACE over war and LOVE & RESPECT for our
      people of the land over corporate greed, tyranny, control and


      Peace, Love & Goodwill,

      Philomena (Phyllis)

      Aka Celestial_Shamanka@...
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