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Re: Welcome to those who joined the Old Right Yahoo Group.

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  • applespike
    Greetings to all ,I am a 44 yr old white male(read guilty for all the hate and woes of the world) who has absolutly no literary training what so ever,I can
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2003
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      Greetings to all ,I am a 44 yr old white male(read guilty for all the
      hate and woes of the world) who has absolutly no literary training
      what so ever,I can hardly spell and it should be fairly obvious to
      anyone who has read anything that I have written that I don't know a
      damn thing about sentence structure or understand many big words,with
      that said,I will state for the record that I'M THOROUGHLY PISSED with
      the traitourous thieving bastards that have conned each and everyone
      of us here in america and with hair on my ass and a full set of
      balls I say ENOUGH, way to much of their insane wars and propaganda
      peddleing.The shamless way the once brave people of this former great
      nation cower in fear from shadows,the way our moral country has
      succumbed to every immoral perversion of filth and decadence
      programed into us and our children 24/7 on the zionist propaganda
      networks.The lies upon lies these so called politicians spew on a
      daily basis and then the satanically inspired decisions of the so
      called "supreme court" to"remove GODS laws from the cout building and
      WE THE PEOPLE allowed it,shame on us as a nation.We have slid far
      into the muck of damnation and I truly believe we are in a now or
      never situation. WAKE UP AMERICA,THE ENEMY IS WITHIN.

      --- In oldright@yahoogroups.com, "SARTRE" <sartrejp@f...> wrote:
      > As already stated, we support an America First viewpoint. Recommend
      > that anyone confused about what that means should read the America
      > First page on BREAKING ALL THE RULES
      > http://pages.zdnet.com/sartre/rules/id49.html
      > This group is open to the public with little screening. Therefore,
      > may require those who disagree with the intended direction to drop
      > out on their own.
      > Discussions are fine for those who like to engage. I seldom debate
      > with those who reject our paleoconservative politics. Have neither
      > the time nor the interest is converting anyone or defending what
      > articles accomplish. We write essays that first appear on BREAKING
      > ALL THE RULES and are published on numerous political sites. Some
      > our partner sites are listed on
      > http://pages.zdnet.com/sartre/rules/id31.html
      > Some have applied to join the private BATR Yahoo Group. That Group
      > reserved for editors, columnists or non-columnists who have a
      > record of sharing useful information.
      > Old Right encourages the same, while recognizing that many folks
      > to carry on individual discussions. We hope that disputes will not
      > develop between or among members that spill over onto the group.
      > any problems with another member to private email messages and
      > responses.
      > Genuine Populism from a Conservative perspective is the heritage of
      > America.
      > Hope you will enjoy this forum of ideas, post valuable information
      > and recommend to other like minded individuals the experience.
      > SARTRE
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