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"Christian" Destructiveness: Importing Africans for Money

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    Click here: Christian Destructiveness: Importing Africans for Money Christian Destructiveness: Importing Africans for Money by George Crane 2 December 2003
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      "Christian" Destructiveness: Importing Africans for Money

      by George Crane

      2 December 2003

      AUTHOR'S PREFACE: This little bit of research was so outrageously shocking that I encourage every reader to print a copy of this essay and pass it along to friends during the holidays. Readers should also be particularly aware that this organization solicits money from you during the annual CFC/Combined Federal Campaign charity drives each year!


      "In 1979, World Relief became the only evangelical agency authorized by the U.S. Department of State to resettle refugees in America," according to World Relief's website at http://www.wr.org.

      "Every year, World Relief and a network of evangelical church partners help up to 10,000 victims of war, persecution and terror find freedom and safety in the United States. Since 1979, World Relief has helped more than 180,000 refugees begin new lives in 27 communities across America."

      All of this in the name of Jesus. Somehow I don't believe Jesus -- if the goal is peace and harmony -- would be in the business of importing more Somalians and Liberians into established White communities, increasing ethnic tension and national instability, and adding to the ongoing balkanization of the former USA:

      "Next week, World Relief will welcome eight more Liberian refugees; the agency expects to help even more Liberian and Somali Bantu refugees in the coming year."[NOTE 1]

      "Refugees get federal money for eight months to help them resettle, to keep them from becoming a burden to the states where they live and to give them a chance to settle and find work."[NOTE 1]


      World Relief is quite proud of importing into American White communities and schools young African male savages from the Sudan -- one of the few places on the planet where slavery is still practiced today -- and unleashing them among innocent White boys and girls in a modern Western society.

      "Now, about 4,000 of the Lost Boys are on the threshold of a new beginning in the US, with World Relief and partner churches expecting to help nearly 300 resettle in America." Why? Who is the proponent of this and how do Americans benefit from it? (They don't!) Who voted on changing the ethnic make-up of the USA? (Nobody!)

      "As soon as they step off the plane, they're in a different world. Running water, flush toilets, refrigerators, toasters and other appliances are baffling novelties. As World Relief worker Sarah Davis puts it: 'It's not so much culture-shock -- it's more like they're on a different planet.'"

      "The first group of refugees -- young men between the ages of 18 and 26 -- arrived in Seattle in December, 2000. Hundreds more arrived in the U.S. throughout 2001."

      "When the first refugees were given the keys to their apartment, none of them had seen a key before." (How many of these skill sets does twenty-first century America need, with our own unemployed to deal with?!)


      "World Relief is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), which is made up of more than 50 member denominations and hundreds of evangelical churches. What began as NAE's War Relief Commission in 1944 to address the needs of war-torn Europe has grown into the World Relief of today, with ministries in more than 20 countries. World Relief provides relief in times of disaster, long-term solutions to persistent poverty, medical programs and AIDS care and education, help for refugee families and ministry in urban centers of the United States."


      "World Relief receives grant funds, principally from the United States Government, for various programs....19 cents of every dollar is used for office expenses, salaries and fundraising....[we] participate in numerous workplace giving campaigns, both in the private and public sector, including the Combined Federal Campaign."

      Your tax dollars at work!

      "World Relief is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and has been classified as a public charity under Section 509(a)(1) of the Code." As such, its financial records must be made public. Any U.S. taxpayer (or citizen) has the right to request this information from any non-profit organization. (You certainly should do so before making donations or if there is any suspicion of the "non-profit" nature of what an organization is doing in your community. If the organization refuses to give you the information, report that fact and their response to the IRS! Any citizen can also file a complaint with the IRS that a supposed "non-profit" organization is violating the conditions that qualified it as a tax-free entity, the 501c3 rules.)

      Unlike many such organizations, World Relief does provide its complete financial report online for downloading.[NOTE 2] The 2002 Statement of Financial Position is the most recent one provided.

      I am not an accountant, and such audited Financial Statements are often deliberately designed so that the average reader cannot make sense of them. Even so, here are some of the numbers that show how World Relief gets and uses its money. It's easy to download the whole "Statement of Financial Position (as a .pdf file), so, for easier reading here, I'll round off the reported numbers to the nearest million dollars. On the title page is "WORLD RELIEF CORPORATION OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICALS."

      World Relief reported total assets of more than $20 million! Where did the new influx of money come from in 2002? "Contributions and non-government grants" were just under $10 million. "Other revenue" was pegged at under $5 million. "Loans received from the U.S. government" was reported as over $500,000. And the biggest source of all, as one might suspect: "Government grants" constituted over $17 million of income to World Relief! Most all of that came from the federal level, or the U.S. taxpayers!

      Not including the federal loans, and using the exact reported numbers, 55% of World Relief's 2002 income came directly from U.S. taxpayers! (The true percentage is probably higher, because only one year's reported income does not factor in how much of the "Other Revenue" category was created by previous years' expenditures of taxpayer money!)


      Continuing with the Financial Statement, World Relief reports that it spent over $940,000 on AIDS, of which more than $718,000 was spent in Africa and none in the USA or Europe!

      On "Immigration and Urban Ministries" was spent over $1,600,000, of which over $1,500,000 was spent in the USA and over $47,000 in general "operating expenses" (including travel and business meetings, salaries and benefits, communications activity, other operating expenses) apparently outside the USA!

      On the "General Administrative" category for the whole organization, over $4,400,000 was spent!

      "Fundraising" consumed in excess of $2,500,000! Just for fundraising!

      If we add the reported General Admin cost and the Fundraising cost, it is more than $6,900,000 for 2002. The total reported income for 2002, not including loaned money, is just above $31 million. Dividing the exact numbers gives an actual "overhead" cost of more than 22%, which is higher than the "19 cents of every dollar" claimed by World Relief.


      Now to the real "kicker": World Relief spent, in 2002 alone, almost $14 million on "Refugee Care"! Of that amount, nearly $13 million of it was spent in the USA. An additional amount of more than $600,000 was spent, again, on general "operating expenses" that are not included in the USA amount and are described as "travel and business meetings, salaries and benefits, communications activity, other operating expenses"; thus apparently meaning this money was spent outside the USA, but on purposes in support of the $13 million of despicable, destructive anti-White activity within the USA!


      Believe it or not, this "non-profit" tax-free organization reported that in 2002 it held common stocks, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit valued (at cost) at over $2,300,000 and an "investment return" of over $149,000! All of that "investment" from money that came, in the main, originally, from U.S. taxpayers in the first place! This is unquestionably a fleecing, a double-dipping scam on U.S. taxpayers!


      From the financial report: "All salaried employees, excluding foreign nationals of the overseas offices who have separate local pension plans, of World Relief who have attained the age of 21 and have completed six months of service are eligible to participate in the World Relief 401(k) defined contribution plan. World Relief matches employee deferrals up to 3 percent. In addition, for the calendar years 2002 and 2001, World Relief has elected to make a discretionary contribution of 4% of salaries for all eligible employees. Total expense charged for contributions to the plan were approximately $592,400 and $560,200 for the year end September 30, 2002 and 2001, respectively."

      In a time when even many U.S. veterans are unemployed, struggling White families have lost jobs, and the White middle-class is being obliterated, that's a sweet deal indeed! Personally, I have never had any employer "elect" to increase any pension contributions to me. Have you, dear taxpaying readers?!

      That's awful generous of the tax-free World Relief organization...to use U.S. taxpayer money for employee benefits like that!


      "World Relief incurred approximately $989,000 and $853,000 of expenses related to operating leases for the years ending September 30, 2002 and 2001, respectively."

      That's a nice landlord income, when you can find it!

      Gee, I do wonder to whom that chunk of change is going? A great man once taught us that, behind every unseemly scam, one can always find at least one...I'll lay odds right here and now...there is a jewish connection in this outrage, this "cash cow"! This whole un-American set-up reeks of it!

      It would indeed be enlightening to know, exactly, to whom are these payments for "leases" going? These parties, recipients of this money, are not identified in the tax-free, publicly-supported entity's financial report. (White taxpayers have every right to know, and should actively request this information, particularly for any World Relief offices located in their own state! If not supplied, report the response to the IRS, along with your complaint.)


      Neither on the website, nor in the Statement of Financial Position does World Relief name all its officers and managers and list their total salaries and benefits. Any citizen is certainly within every right to make a formal request of that information (and report the resulting response to the IRS).

      According to the website, these are the people bringing Somalians and Liberians into our American White communities:

      Dr. Clive Calver (contact at worldrelief@...) is the President of World Relief. There is not much of a resume or background information on Dr. Calver given on the World Relief website, other than that he is a graduate of some college in London. "Now permanently located in the USA, Calver and his wife, Ruth, live in Ellicott City, Maryland." (If any reader knows or can find out more about the background and track record of this Dr. Calver, who heads World Relief and must evidently be either not an American or an immigrant resident, please forward the information to VNN.)

      These are the Board of Directors:

      Dr. Gordon MacDonald
      E-mail: gmacdonald@...

      Vice Chair
      Mr. Samuel C. Wolgemuth

      Major Harden White
      Salvation Army World Services

      Melvin J. Sorenson

      Scott Arbeiter
      Elmbrook Church

      Richard Armstrong, Sr.

      Mrs. Jill Briscoe
      Elmbrook Church

      Bishop Keith Butler
      Word of Faith International Christian Center

      Lourine Clark
      Wellspring Consulting, LLC

      Dr. Timothy C. Ek
      Maple Grove Covenant Church

      Reverend Ted Haggard
      New Life Church

      Dr. William Hamel
      Evangelical Free Church of America

      Rev. John E. Kyle
      Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies

      Mrs. H. Millicent Lindo
      Westside Holistic Family Services

      Rt. Hon. Sir Brian Mawhinney, P.C., M.P.

      Dr. Deborah A. McFarland
      Emory University

      Mr. Samuel Rodriquez Jr.
      National Christian Leadership Conference

      Mr. Stephen E. Strang
      Strang Communications

      Jim Sundholm
      The Evangelical Covenant Church

      Sanders Willson
      Second Presbyterian Church


      According to U.S. tax law, a "non-profit" organization, in order to qualify for and maintain its tax-free status, is prohibited from engaging in any political activity or in attempting to influence U.S. laws. Otherwise it is not an NPO (non-profit organization), it is something else, that will likely have to pay taxes!

      Does this, from World Relief's own website, sound like the non-political activity of an IRS-sanctioned non-profit organization?:

      "Ask Congress to invest in international assistance. Although the Congress has not yet finalized its spending plans for the current year, the Administration is already hard at work on its FY05 budget proposal. Advocates concerned about maintaining a robust U.S. commitment to international assistance need to raise their voices now. Friends in Congress are circulating a letter to President Bush encouraging him to increase the allocation for foreign affairs in his FY05 budget. Here is how you can help."[emphasis added]


      World Relief Southern California
      8295 Westminster Ave., #270
      Garden Grove, CA 92683
      (714) 890-0366

      World Relief Jacksonville
      4314-1 St. Augustine Rd.
      Jacksonville, FL 32207
      (904) 858-9625

      World Relief Glendale
      54 N. Oakland Ave. Ste. 205
      Pasadena, CA 91101
      (626) 229-0346

      World Relief Miami
      2150 SW 8th Street 2nd Floor
      Miami, FL 33135
      (305) 541-8320

      World Relief Fresno
      1878 E. Goshen
      Fresno, CA 93720
      (559) 322-6657

      World Relief Tampa
      6219 U.S. 19 North
      New Port Richey, FL 34652
      (727) 849-7900

      World Relief Sacramento
      4748 Engle Rd. #103
      Carmichael, CA 95608
      (916) 978-2650

      World Relief Atlanta
      655 Village Square Drive
      Stone Mountain, GA 30083
      (404) 294-4352

      World Relief San Francisco
      20394 San Miguel Ave.
      Castro Valley, CA 94546
      (510) 583-9117

      World Relief Lawrenceville
      Scenic Highway
      Lawrenceville, GA 30045
      (770) 338-5968

      World Relief San Jose
      218 Kirk Ave.
      San Jose, CA 95127
      (408) 729-3786

      World Relief Treasure Valley
      6702 Fairview Avenue
      Boise, ID 83704
      (208) 323-4964

      World Relief Stockton
      415 W. Benjamin Holt Dr. Ste. B4
      Stockton, CA 95207
      (209) 952-1414

      World Relief Aurora
      31 W. Downer Place Lower Level
      Aurora, IL 60506
      (630) 906-9546

      World Relief Chicago
      Immigration Services
      3507 W. Lawrence
      Chicago, IL 60625
      (773) 583-3010

      World Relief Ft. Worth
      5000 James Avenue
      Ft. Worth, TX 76115-3818
      (817) 924-0748

      World Relief DuPage
      1825 College Ave. Ste. 230
      Wheaton, IL 60187
      (630) 462-7566

      World Relief Kent
      10610 Kent-Kangley Rd. Ste. 207
      Kent, WA 98030
      (253) 854-7857

      World Relief Moline
      3115 Ave. of the Cities
      Moline, IL 61265
      (309) 764-2279

      World Relief Tri-Cities
      2600 N. Columbia Cntr Blvd. Ste. 206
      Richland, WA 99352
      (509) 734-5477

      World Relief Minnesota
      1515 E. 66th Street
      Richfield, MN 55423
      (612) 798-4332

      World Relief Seattle
      316 Maynard Ave. South #103
      Seattle, WA 98104-2719
      (206) 587-0234

      World Relief High Point
      2029 North Centennial Street
      High Point, NC 27262-7604
      (336) 887-9007

      World Relief Spokane
      2925 N. Monroe
      Spokane, WA 99205
      (509) 484-9829

      World Relief Nashville
      422 Metroplex Dr. Bldg. D Ste. 100
      Nashville, TN 37211-2917
      (615) 833-7735


      All quotations in the above essay are directly from World Relief's own website and 2002 Financial Statement, unless otherwise noted.

      [1] "Season of Caring: Refugees land in Boise after fleeing Africa"

      [2] Statement of Financial Position:


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