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Christians Vow support for Israel

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    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [As the Communist-backed terrorists in the Middle East step up their attacks on the USA and Israel... I find it particularly
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [As the Communist-backed terrorists in the Middle East step up their
      attacks on the USA and Israel... I find it particularly gratifying to see
      Jews and Christians coming together... perhaps... for Armageddon... I
      think its absolutely GREAT that Christians are drawing closer to Israel.
      Maybe... they will help to make the difference... in a world where the
      Left's propaganda has caught so many minds... Maybe now the Christians -
      the true Conservative Christians - of the world will start to play their
      role. In my view... Biblically speaking... The fate of Israel might be
      the fate of the world... if Israel is lost... maybe EVERYTHING will then
      be lost? Maybe as per the Bible... Israel will be the tiny country upon
      which the Communists and their Muslim allies will dash themselves to
      pieces. It looks as if Israel is standing much stronger than the USA...
      and maybe Israel will prove to be the Biblical Rock... I hope so. Jan]

      Etgar Lefkovits, THE JERUSALEM POST Oct. 4, 2004

      Several thousand flag-waving Evangelical Christians marched through
      downtown Jerusalem Monday afternoon in a colorful parade marking the
      Feast of Tabernacles at a time of growing ties between Israel and
      Evangelical Christians around the world.

      Chanting "We love Israel" and "Shalom Israel," the marchers, some dressed
      in traditional costumes, passed out candy and miniature flags to hundreds
      of delighted children who lined the sidewalks to watch the parade and
      take home souvenirs.

      "It's thrilling to be here and bless the Jewish people," said Leif
      Morling of Sweden, adding that he was surprised by how thankful and
      appreciative the Israeli public was.

      With more than 4,000 participants, the number of Christian pilgrims
      attending the 25th annual feast, which is organized by the International
      Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, was up 25 percent over the last three
      years, organizers said.

      All of the Christian participants in the parade, which included an equal
      number of Israelis, said that they were undaunted by four years of
      Palestinian violence and the ongoing suicide bombings and hoped to boost
      the morale of Israelis during their week-long visit.

      "This is fabulous event," said Mary Quinlin, 25, of Australia, who was
      here for the first time after her parents "fell in love with Israel"
      during last year's celebrations.

      Residents in the crowd of onlookers were delighted with the foreign
      visitors and their simple, and unified, message of support.

      "It's really so nice of them to come and cheer us up," said Nir
      Siman-Tov, 12, who noted that he was a regular at the yearly event and
      has been watching the parade for the last eight years.

      A coterie of lawmakers and senior government officials attended almost
      every event at the feast.

      "At a time when Israel is isolated by its opponents around the world, the
      most important and secure support is that of Israel's Christian friends
      around the globe," said MK Yuri Shtern (National Union), co-chairman of
      the Knesset's Christian allies caucus.

      The caucus, which aims to garner the support of and work with pro-Israel
      Christians around the world, has 12 MKs from six parties, indicating the
      growing awareness Israel is placing on the Christian world.

      "Joined by common biblical values, Jews and Christians are coming
      together around the world in an unprecedented burst of activity," said
      caucus director Josh Reinstein.

      "These people can serve as a cultural bridge to the whole world and
      explain why we are here � in Jerusalem, as in Beit El, as in Nablus � vis
      a vis the Muslim world who says we are foreigners in this land," said MK
      Benny Elon (National Union), who attended Sunday's day of prayer for the
      peace of Jerusalem.

      The Evangelical leaders here were quick to distance themselves from the
      belief held by some fundamentalist Christians in a final apocalyptic
      battle between good and evil in which Jesus returns and Jews either
      accept him or perish.

      Source: Jerusalem Post

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