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Drug War Cops

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  • Keepshorse@aol.com
    by Kay Lee Are you old enough to remember when you could honestly tell your children police officers are their friend? Back before the drug war I mean?
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2004
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                by Kay Lee

                Are you old enough to remember when you could  honestly
           tell  your children police officers are their friend?   Back
           before  the drug war I mean? Before law enforcers  developed
           this over-kill mentality?
                I'm  sure  there are a few  honorable  police  officers
           left,  respectable  public servants really  trying  to  keep
           peace among the citizenry they are a part of without getting
           too heavy-handed.   I'm not talking about that small group.
                But there are also way too many cops who have let their
           semi-military  training  and quasi-military  weapons  go  to
           their  heads.  They think they're in a war zone and  we  the
           people  are the enemy.  You can't talk to them, reason  with
           them, explain to them, depend on them to do the right thing,
           or  even ask them for help without having them turn  on  you
           with  that cold stare and begin to act as if you might be  a
           criminal too.   
                One thing this drug war has cost is respect for author-
           ity.  Whenever I hear a cop say, "Ve're just doink our job",
           my reply is, 'You do it with way too much enjoyment to  JUST
           be doing your job."  
                One  little  silver-haired lady I know  has  spent  her
           seventy-some  years  obeying the law.  She and  her  husband
           have worked very hard for everything they have - excuse  me,
           HAD.   One day a crowd of cops dressed in black barged  into
           their home at 6am, cussing and screaming.  For the next hour
           they prowled the house ransacking everything while guns were
           held to the terrified couple's heads. 
                Seems  the  cops were looking for  drugs  that  weren't
           there,  but that didn't stop them from using the asset  for-
           feiture laws to begin loading everything they could into the
           waiting vehicles.  Oh yeah, they made an inventory list, but
           all  her jewelry  just disappeared into the cops' big  pock-
           ets.   The gifts of love from her husband over the 45  years
           of  their marriage never showed up on the inventory  at  all
           and were never seen again. 
                The  elderly  couple's family had to help them  hire  a
           lawyer and it took them nearly two years to get any of their
           belongings back, even though cops found nothing amiss. 
                Now  when  that tiny little lady, who  otherwise  never
           cusses,  sees  a  police officer, she whispers  in  a  tense
           voice, "I just hate those bastards!"
                I really can't blame her.  Damn this never-ending  drug
           war and the mindless overbearing cops it has created!
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