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    Mrs Nicola Roxon, MP,
    Federal Attorney-General,
    Parliament House,
    ACT 2600.
    Dear Attorney-General,
    Re:  "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT of the Federal Court of Australia.
    "Judges must never be given nor allowed to assume absolute power whereby they can conceal their own incompetence, corruption and treachery" is what I have said in several Courts, including the High Court of Australia, but it is "like water off a duck's back" to Australia's Judiciary ... and the downright arrogance and Treason of these persons continues unabated.
    In 1640, it took an Act of Parliament, the Habeas Corpus Act of that year, to abolish the STAR CHAMBER, back then. Nowadays, we call such obscenities KANGAROO COURTS - but we don't have the "good men" in our Parliaments to "triumph over this evil".
    Yesterday in the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney, "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT said "NO" when the barrister working for Milovan Stankovic announced that Milovan wanted to go into the witness box to give testimony in the case where he is the Applicant (NSD626 of 2012).
    One definition of JUDICIAL CORRUPTION reads: "Judicial corruption pertains to acts or behaviour or attempts that impair the search for or the submission of the truth in the delivery of justice. It covers any act or omission from any source, whether bribery, intimidation or any other act committed with the intent or reasonably foreseeable result that judicial or quasi-judicial orders, judgments and other issuances and judicial treatments will result in corruption."
    In this particular case, Milovan is trying to quash seemingly interminable MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE that have dispossessed him of his home and land at Lot B President Road, Kellyville.
    When the barrister, Dr John Walsh, offered to "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT" an Order for the Sequestration of Milovan's estate that was issued on 12 May 2009 and STAYED FOR 21 DAYS (see attachment) and a copy of the RECEIPT of Milovan PAYING OUT the Creditor's Petition on DAY 13 (also see attachment), "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT" WOULD NOT ACCEPT them.
    Apart from everything else that has been done to Milovan to destroy his life at the hands of disreputable lawyers, malicious bureaucrats and other profiteers, yesterday's actions by "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT" has Milovan TOTALLY DISTRESSED .... and he is constantly saying "HOW CAN THIS BE?"
    Before the case in the Federal Court in the afternoon, yesterday Milovan went to the Offices of the NSW Attorney-General, Mr Greg Smith, to try to get an appointment to bring to him this same dreadful DENIAL OF JUSTICE that occurred in the Local Court of New South Wales at Parramatta when he was "convicted" of trespassing on his own land because, there too, a Magistrate named Murphy also disregarded irrefutable evidence in sworn Affidavits that Milovan presented to him. That is now being appealed into the District Court and has been put off to 22 February 2013.
    As to the case in the Federal Court of Australia,  "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT" said he would be handing down his Judgment on Friday the 14th of December 2012 and that there is "NO NEED" for the barrister to be present.
    The SKULDUGGERY and ABUSE OF THE COURT by "the Hon Justice" Arthur Robert EMMETT" and the THIEVING, MANIPULATIVE lawyers, bureaucrats and profiteers is a BLIGHT on OUR NATION.
    Please help.       
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.
    19 Elm Place,
    North Rocks,
    NSW 2151.
    Ph: 0401 413 650.
    PS: Milovan's phone number is 0412 242 333.
    Copy to: Associate.EmmettJ@... and
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