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Re: [freedomfightersforamerica] FW: Court To Hear Obama Eligibility Challenge, January 26th

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      If you want a BIG SMILE READ THIS : Mr. Big O.  Has to appear in court  !!!    26 of Jan with documents !!!!   It will never happen but that state will not let him on ballot now.  We are back in the Ball Game .  The Captain


      A message to all members of The Patriots

      Court to Hear Obama Eligibility Challenge, First Time Ever, Jan. 26
      By Arlen WilliamsContributor: CJ in TX @TellTheTruth1
      “This will be the first time ever, since this whole thing began, that it will be looked on, on merit.” Those are the words of Carl Swensson, Republican Party Chairman of Clayton County, Georgia. “This” refers to an actual judicial hearing of the case against the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. to be, according to the United States Constitution, “Commander in Chief” and United States President.
      The attorneys of Barack Obama requested a pretrial dismissal, as it had done on so many other occasions, against so many other cases. But yesterday, one judge denied and scheduled an official hearing of the case to commence, January 26.
      From 2008 to the present, judicial standing has been refused the plaintiff, often via convoluted rationale, many say sophistry. The question however is elementary to our constitutional republic: can we as Citizens be assured those presented to us for our votes are eligible to hold office?
      Unlike many other states, Georgia has a statue requiring just that. For Swensson’s part, he had  “resolved that I would not let anyone on the ballot who is not demonstrably qualified to hold that office.” That would appear to be part of his job as party official and it is the job of Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp (R) to assure election law is justly carried out. Swensson relates, “We have been hounding him at hearings he’s been having across the state.”
      And so it came to pass that Kemp after some delay, followed due process and called forth the court designated by Georgia law, to hear such a case. This particular case was brought by Swensson and co-litigant, Kevin Richard Powell, attorney: J. Mark Hatfield, judge: Michael M. Malihi.
      As veteran Obama eligibility beat reporter Bob Unruh details at WND.com:
      While Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, had argued that the requirements didn’t apply to candidates for a presidential primary, the judge said that isn’t how he reads state law.
      “Statutory provisions must be read as they are written, and this court finds that the cases cited by [Obama] are not controlling. When the court construes a constitutional or statutory provision, the ‘first step ... is to examine the plain statutory language,” the judge wrote. “Section 21-2-1(a) states that ‘every candidate for federal and state office’ must meet the qualifications for holding that particular office, and this court has seen no case law limiting this provision, nor found any language that contains an exception for the office of president or stating that the provision does not apply to the presidential preference primary.”
      Swensson and Powell’s is one of three cases, Unruh again:
      The decision from Malihi came as a result of a series of complaints that were consolidated by the court. They were brought against Obama’s inclusion on the 2012 election primary ballot by David Farrar, Leah Lax, Cody Judy, Thomas Malaren and Laurie Roth, represented by attorneyOrly Taitz; David Weldon represented by attorney Van R. Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation; and Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell, represented by J. Mark Hatfield.
      As Sharon Rondeau explains in The Post & Email, standing was even granted the one mere voter’s case. Who would have thought that a Sovereign Citizen (actually, the highest position in the United States of America) would have such authority?
      Judge Malihi appeared to support Blanchard’s claim in his decision:
      Both the Secretary of State and the electors of Georgia are granted the authority under the Code to challenge the qualifications of a candidate.  The challenge procedures are defined in Code Section 21-2-5(b), which authorizes any elector who is eligible to vote for a candidate to challenge the qualifications of the candidate by filing a written complaint with the Secretary of State within two weeks after the deadline for qualifying.  O.C.G.A. § 21-2-5(b).
      A former secretary of state, Karen Handel, utilized the law when she disqualified someone from his candidacy for local office.
      This was one of three rulings of Mahili on these matters, yesterday. Another separated these three cases, at the request of the plaintiffs, which he had earlier lumped together into one. Swensson respectfully explained that the integrity of his particular case required separation from the methods of at least one other case’s attorney, Orly Taitz. And as for his own attorney, about their own particulars, “Mark has been doing a Hell of a job.” (statement left unvarnished since the job of doing Hell is one of God’s own works of justice, justice being a blessing we would invoke here).
      Yesterday’s remaining ruling denied an early deposition to the plaintiffs, a move which may have brought a sense of bargaining power to the proceedings, when faced up to the Obama request for dismissal. A Super PAC has been formed to provide a modicum of assistance to some of the plaintiffs across the country. Its site,art2superpac.com features all three of Mahili’s rulings.
      While the manipulated mainstream media’s “birther” blackout and ridicule campaign is expected to continue, many eyes will focus on Judge Mahili’s court, come January 26. Finally, the definition of Article II’s “natural born Citizen” will be discussed, regarded at the time and upheld by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett, as requiring both of a president’s parents to be U.S. Citizens, by the study of numerous scholars of constitutional language and original intent. (Link – Link)
      And the quest for the truth of Barack Obama’s birth certificate will finally be put to the court as well, his Donald Trump induced 2011 submission being deemed a forgery by numerous experts of electronic document renderings. (Web Search Link)
      The journey to this milestone has been arduous to the Citizen activists involved and costly to us, the taxpayers, footing Obama’s legal bills. About his own involvement, Swensson relates, “We’ve been in this battle... for three years...”
      It is also costly to the pocketbooks of the plaintiffs and their attorneys. After prompting, Swensson further confesses, “I could definitely use the help of like minded patriots who want Obama removed from the ballot, if and only if he is not qualified to be there in the first place.” (Swensson’s site, Rise up for America)
      While Gulag Bound will continue to monitor these cases and report on them, for day to day perusal, we also suggest sites including those to which we link, in this and in yesterday’s entry, plus the blog of CDR Charles Kerchner, listed in our sidebar. Another site, obamaballotchallenge.com, also keeps track of this overall effort to maintain America’s integrity by our Constitution.
      Related Posts:
      H/T to Patriots Miki Booth and Victoria Windsor:
      UPDATE: Attorney Orly Taitz website is reporting that a Georgia Judge has issued a subpoena demanding Barack Obama appear in court January 26 AND produce his original long form birth certificate, passport records, collegeregistration records and more.
      pp_obamasupeoneaDr. Orly Taitz, attorney for one of the plaintiffs in the Georgia eligibility cases working their way rapidly through the courts, posted a copy of what is reportedly a subpoena, issued by Judge Michael Malihi of Georgia.
      The subpoena demands that Barack Obama himself appear in court on January 26, and bring with him a laundry list of official documents that will prove or disprove his eligibility for office.
      The list is frankly a "birther's" dream. Unlike previous cases, where only certain documents were requested or discussed, this subpoena issued by Judge Malihi includes every document that serious eligibility experts have been discussing from the beginning. The list requires Obama to produce each of the following:
      1. Any and all certified birth records including a long form birth certificate.
      2. Certified school/university registration records. Certified immigration/naturalization records.
      3. Certified passport records
      4. Redacted certified Social Security card applications for each of the aliases and other legal names used by Barack Obama, including but not limited to his legal surname when adopted by step-father Lolo Soetoro
      In addition, Judge Malihi has reportedly also subpoenaed Hawaii Health Department officials and commanded them to produce an original certified copy of Obama's long form birth certificate.
      While we take a moment to rejoice in a court finally willing to examine the Constitutional status of Obama, who evidence supports as being not a lawful president but a Usurper-in-Chief, we cannot rest upon our laurels. While we may hope that Georgia will be the beginning of the end of the line for the Obama campaign, motions to quash and vicious legal push back by Team Obama are a given. We must work MUCH harder now to open battle on many more fronts, and compel the rest of the States to do their due diligence and demand Obama provide PROOF POSITIVE evidence of eligibility to appear on our ballots!
      Georgia Judge Michael Malihi has ordered Obama's attorneys to appear in court January 26 holding that, according to state law, every federal and state candidate must prove eligibility for office – including Barack Obama.
      Obama FraudBarack Hussein Obama II, has some of the highest-rent attorneys in the country working tirelessly to keep the question of his eligibility for office out of court. And no wonder, because whether he was born in Hawaii or not, it can be compellingly argued under law that according to binding precedents laid out by the Supreme Court, Barack Hussein Obama II does not qualify as a natural born Citizen.
      The U.S. Constitution very clearly requires, in a unique usage and application of the term, that the president must be a "natural born Citizen" to be eligible for the nation's highest office. "Natural born Citizen" is demonstrably held by the Founders in Article II, Section 1 as distinct and different than "Citizen" and even "native born Citizen" – that is, born under jus soli, on native soil.
      Documentary evidence shows that in the Founding era, the common law view was that a natural born Citizen was that person born within United States territory to parents who were themselves United States Citizens.
      Nearly one hundred years after the Constitution was ratified, in the 1875 unanimous Supreme Court ruling ofMinor v. Happerset, the Supreme Court explicitly held a "natural born Citizen" to be a Citizen whose parents were both U.S. Citizens at the time of the person's birth.
      This finding was, and continues to be, fully consistent with U.S. history in Supreme Court case decisions, and law enacted and enforced by the United States Congress.
      pp_babybarackThis time-honored historical record stands against the strenuous lying, dissembling and countless other Alinsky-esque strategies deployed to discredit the legitimacy and derail the legal efforts of all those Citizens who are raising objections to Obama's eligibility for office.
      By Barak Obama's own admission, his father was a native of Kenya and was NEVER a U.S. Citizen. Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama II would, under long-standing custom, common law, and Supreme Court precedent, automatically be INELIGIBLE to hold the office of President of the United States.
      It is no wonder Barack Hussein Obama II has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to keep the matter of his qualifications for eligibility out of court. But even the most expensive attorneys are no match for a judge who understands the Constitution and the rule of law.
      As we reported earlier, a number of Georgia voters filed lawsuits questioning Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to appear on the Georgia Presidential ballot. Obama's lawyers attempted to get the case thrown out, but Georgia Judge Malihi responded with a resounding NO.
      In an order written January 3, 2012, Malihi ruled that Georgia state law is very clear – any candidate for federal or state office must meet the qualifications of that office and that Georgia electors have the right to challenge those qualifications in court. As a result, Malihi flatly denied Obama's motion to dismiss and scheduled a hearing for January 26.
      The January 26th hearing should be a blockbuster, as it is the first in the nation that proposes to consider on the merits whether Barack Hussein Obama II is eligible to be President of the United States of America.
      But we CANNOT rest now and hope the Georgia case is permitted to hear REAL evidence, and settles all large questions in this murky mess of Obama's eligibility for office. Even if Obama is ultimately kept off Georgia's presidential ballot, Obama will only lose 16 electoral votes. While this is an important precedent, and not an insignificant number, we must fight to ensure that many other states follow Georgia's lead.
      pp_obamafraud2Georgia becomes the first state to pursue Obama ineligibility complaints and the end result may keep Barack Obama OFF the Georgia 2012 ballot!
      Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office is pursuing FIVE separate ineligibility complaints filed by Georgia residents. Each complaint argues that Barack Hussein Obama II is ineligible to appear on the 2012 Georgia Presidential ballot. Secretary Kemp has assigned 5 different hearings under five different judges, so that the complaints can move forward.
      As our Founding Fathers intended, it is the States which protect us from all out tyranny. The federal election in 2012 and the constitutional eligibility of the candidates is no different. In the end, OUR STATES are responsible for ensuring the eligibility of candidates and OUR STATES will protect us from the tyranny of a Presidential usurper.
      With primary season about to hit full swing, time is running short. We MUST compel more states to follow Georgia's lead and DEMAND PROOF POSITIVE ELIGIBILITY for ANY candidate placed on election ballots.
      America cannot survive further trampling of our right to constitutionally eligible leadership. WE MUST ACT NOW!
      Real BC BillboardThe White House's badly forged "birth certificate" has not ended the debate on Barack Obama's eligibility. Rather, it has opened the door for further allegations of fraud and ineligibility. Georgia resident Kevin R. Powell wrote in his complaint, "Barack Hussein Obama II has publicly admitted his father Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan native and a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. Barack ObamaSr. never became a U.S. citizen. Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama II is not now and never can be a natural born citizen of the United States..."
      Citizen Powell is correct that the legal question of natural born citizenship is unresolved in American jurisprudence, and in the nefarious case of Barack Hussein Obama sits as a gaping wound to the Constitution's integrity, and to our ordered liberty. America is left in an abject posture of unprecedented vulnerability to our national security, sovereignty and prosperity UNLESS AND UNTIL THIS CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS IS RESOLVED!  We MUST continue the outcry to determine the truth, and restore the Constitution.

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